Hayden Hopkins posing for selfieHayden Hopkins (Photo via haydenhopkins/Instagram)
Mark Davis, the 69-year-old billionaire owner of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders, on Sunday was reported to have impregnated 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins.

The social media influencer and Cirque du Solei choreographer and performer quickly denied that Davis was the father.

TMZ reported that Hayden Hopkins is actually expecting her first child with baseball player Joey Gallo. The outlet said Hopkins and the Washington Nationals outfielder planned the pregnancy.

“These continued media stories are negatively affecting what should be my happiest days,” Hopkins continued. “Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the fall.”

Gallo currently plays for the Washington Nationals and is a two-time All-Star.

Hayden Hopkins has been enduring rumors ever since she was pictured seated alongside Mark Davis at an NFL game in November 2022. She denied rumors of a relationship between the pair, confirming Davis was a “neighbor and friend.”

However, the rumors never quite went away.

Following news of her pregnancy earlier this week, Hopkins was again forced to deny she and Davis have ever been in a relationship, not to mention a sexual relationship that led to her getting set to have a child.

“Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue,” the mom-to-be posted on her Instagram Stories.

“I was pictured sitting next to him at a game in 2022 and have endured false rumors of a romantic relationship since.

“I was just a guest sitting in the owner’s box with other friends.”

ESPN Analyst Pat McAfee Apologizes For Speaking On Hayden Hopkins Pregnancy on WWE Raw

Former football player Pat McAfee (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Rumors spread about Raiders owner Mark Davis and influencer Hayden Hopkins and Pat McAfee fell for it.

As JD McDonagh wrestled Braun Strowman on WWE “Raw” on Monday, McAfee said, “A lot of people look at the size difference and think JD has no chance. Mark Davis is 70 years old and is expecting a child with a 26-year-old. Anything is possible in this modern world!”

McAfee issued an apology for alluding to a false rumor that Hayden Hopkins was expecting a baby conceived by Raiders owner Mark Davis.

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On Tuesday, McAfee said he had seen the news all over social media and issued an apology for referencing the false rumors.

“I apologize for perpetuating a lie,” McAfee said.

“I understand how happy you guys should be at this moment. It would suck to have a 70-year-old billionaire looming over it. So I’d like to apologize to Hayden and let the world know, hey, we gotta make sure we get these things right. I spread lies in the middle of the Braun Strowman-JD McDonagh match last night. Mark Davis is not the father.”