Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has seemingly undergone an impressive smile transformation over the years, with a dentist now unveiling the speculated procedures

Meghan Markle has seemingly undergone a smile transformation over the years, which comes as an expert dentist reveals the work she’s thought to have had done.

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, is known for her pearly white smile, which has made appearances on red carpets before marrying Prince Harry, and at royal engagements since the pair got hitched in 2018. But according to a dentist, Meghan has likely undergone a few dental procedures to achieve her perfect Hollywood smile.

Cosmetic dentist Dr Ferakh Hamid from Aesthetique Dental Care has revealed that Meghan has likely had five different procedures over the years, with these now unveiled.

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Meghan Markle’s smile has been decoded by a dentist (
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Dr Hamid believes Meghan has previously undergone orthodontic treatments, such as braces, to address issues like gaps between her teeth. “Teeth can naturally shift over time, leading to overcrowding or misalignment,” he noted.

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The dentist went on to say: “Orthodontic treatments are designed to correct these issues, aligning the teeth properly within the dental arch and improving the aesthetics of the smile. These treatments not only make the smile look more appealing but also contribute to better oral health.”

He also revealed that the subtle change in the length of Meghan’s front teeth “could be due to cosmetic contouring”, adding: “This procedure involves carefully reshaping the teeth by trimming small amounts of enamel.

“It’s a conservative approach to making minor adjustments to the teeth’s shape or size, particularly effective when certain teeth appear disproportionately long. The goal is to create a more balanced and harmonious smile, enhancing its overall appearance without extensive dental work.”

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her gleaming smile (
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She can often be seen smiling on red carpets and at glitzy events (
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Dr Hamid then touched on “the notable whiteness of Meghan’s teeth”, which suggests she might have opted for professional tooth whitening treatments. “These treatments, conducted under the supervision of a dental professional, use stronger whitening agents than those available over the counter, achieving more dramatic and lasting results,” he added.

He then spoke about the rife speculation that Meghan has got dental veneers, with the dentist noting how these rumours are because of “the uniform appearance of her teeth in terms of alignment, colour, and size”.

“They can address a variety of dental imperfections, including gaps, misalignment, uneven tooth sizes, and discolouration. Veneers provide a versatile and durable solution for achieving a perfect smile, suggesting a meticulous approach to dental aesthetics in Meghan’s case,” he added.

And finally, Dr Hamid said that while specific details on Meghan’s dental procedures might not be publicly disclosed, it’s reasonable to assume that, like many celebrities, “she follows a regime of routine dental care”.

He concluded: “This includes regular dental check-ups, professional cleanings, whitening sessions, and possibly minor adjustments or touch-ups as needed. Such maintenance is crucial for preserving the results of any dental enhancements and ensuring the lasting beauty of her smile.”

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