The Duchess Of Sussex has altered the way the world perceives the Royal Family’s polished regal image, leaving a cloud of uncertainty about members being racist

Meghan Markle has changed the way the world looks at the Royal Family’s polished regal image, leaving a cloud of uncertainty about members being racist.

The Duchess Of Sussex will continue to challenge the British hierarchy over race relations despite Megxit and she and Prince Harry stepping away from Royal duties. Meghan’s husband Prince Harry was unfairly pushed out by senior Royals by supporting Markle’s claims of unfair treatment within the Palace – that is the insight of outspoken race relations activist, reality star, and attorney Phaedra Parks.

Former Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra praised Markle as she “stood her ground” making the TV claims to Oprah Winfrey. Phaedra feels Markle has to work “harder” because of the color of her skin to have her voice heard. Phaedra, who has encountered racism from her time in the public eye, praised Harry for not caving into family pressure and supporting his wife.

Phaedra Parks
Reality star Phaedra Parks rallies in support of Meghan Markle after racism scandal 
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Royal racism scandal occurred after Royal Family members reportedly asked about Archie’s skin colour 
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The Royal racism scandal emerged when The Sussexes accused senior family members of asking about Archie’s skin color before birth during an interview with Winfrey.

Phaedra, speaking at the opening of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s brand-new West Hollywood location, said: “There’s very strong opinions about race and there’s always been. Race relations in the United States are definitely very different than the uk. And I think when you think about the royal family and hierarchy and being born into status and class, race has definitely played a part of that because African-Americans have not been a part of being born into royalty.”

She continued: “So being honest about it, I’m sure they (the Royals) never thought this discussion would be a part of their history, but the world is obviously evolving so quickly. And so now they do have a Meghan Markle and she represents a portion of the African-American community.“

Phaedra says that the Royals were forced to examine their behaviour after Markle’s claims.

“It was very important because I think people sometimes have a blind eye to it and people don’t want to really discuss what’s truly happening with race in the United States as well as abroad. And the only way we can make a change is to actually realize that there’s a problem. So by her obviously vocalizing what was going on with the royal family and with her situation with her marriage, I think people are obviously having hard discussions. They’ve made some very hard decisions, but they made it because they are committed to their family and equality.”

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Lilibet Archie
Phaedra praised Prince Harry for supporting his wife Meghan throughout the scandal 
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Phaedra feels that the Royal family still need a face a reckoning about The Sussexes, especially after Buckingham Palace brushed off claims stating: “recollections may vary.” In March 2021, Prince William hit back saying the family is “very much not” racist, when asked for a reaction to The Sussexes’ comments.

Phaedra said: “We are all going to have differing in opinions when it comes to what we feel strongly about. I don’t have the right to judge anyone. I know what my opinion is because I’m an African-American woman. However, they have their own opinions and they will have to obviously answer for that in due time.“

Attorney and mortician Phaedra expressed her delight of Harry’s support to his wife, even though it meant a rift with his family.

“The best thing about her is she’s got a husband that obviously adores her and he has really stood by her sometimes probably against his own best interests because he probably is damaged some of his family relationships. But when you’re in a marriage, that’s what you hope for to death do you part and that you have that strong partnership. That is the best thing she could have found as a husband is solid as Harry. “

Phaedra Parks
Phaedra believes Meghan Markle will continue to shake up the Royal Family despite exit from royal duties 
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Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was the first woman of color to marry into the Royal FamilyPhaedra feels Markle will continue to shake up the Royalty despite Megxit.

“Meghan Markle is very iconic because she did, she’s obviously the first woman of color to marry into a royal family. I think she stood her ground. I think she’s very intelligent and I just see her, I mean, it’s historical what she has done and it’s their decisions have been historical. So I’m just excited to be at this moment in history where I can say I have seen African-American president, a black woman enter into the royal family. And the best is obviously still to come.“

Phaedra says that she and Markle face a tougher challenge to have their voices heard publicly: “Being a black woman, I have to work twice as hard and obviously get less pay than my counterparts. But at the end of the day, I think God knew I was tough enough to be a black woman. You got to have a lot of tough skin and a lot of heart to be a black woman. “

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