Is Meghan Markle Being Laughed Out Of Hollywood? Here’s All You Need To Know!
An inside source claims Hollywood is not embracing Meghan Markle with open arms.

Inside Source Claims Meghan Markle Has Allegedly Turned Into A Hollywood “Joke”
Industry Peers Are Reportedly Laughing at Meghan Markle

A recent report claimed Meghan Markle has turned into an industry joke. On May 4, In Touch, citing an anonymous source, reported that Meghan Markle was being laughed out of Hollywood after her forthcoming podcast with Lemonade Media was reportedly pushed back to next year.

Markle secured the new deal after her multi-million-dollar content creation deals with streaming giant Spotify in 2020 fell apart last year.

Inside Source Claims Meghan Markle Has Allegedly Turned Into A Hollywood "Joke"

Meghan Markle’s transition from a Royal to Hollywood has faced a few bumps in the last four years. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity since breaking away from the Monarchy has dwindled, as evidenced by how their industry peers treated them in 2023, with the couple becoming the subject of numerous late-night jokes and skits.

An inside source reportedly told the publication Markle has become a “total joke” in the industry after the executives of the new podcast slated to launch this year were put on pause to avoid a clash with her other projects.

The statement was reportedly reached by another anonymous source who said, “Now, after all her failures, those A-listers — and the royals — are laughing at her!”

The publication, citing a source, added, “Meghan gets greedy. She wants everything all at once, and it’s backfiring on her again. She’s become a total joke and is overplaying her hand.”

Markle announced the launch of her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, last month. She also has an upcoming Netflix cooking show in the pipeline this year.

The Insider revealed that Lemonade was not too pleased after they were forced to push back the podcast, adding,

The source then alleged Meghan Markle desperately hopes for a hit to prove her worth to Hollywood. The sources added she isn’t betting on any of Markle’s projects, noting, “Almost everything they’ve tried has ended in disaster.”

It should be noted the Netflix series, “Harry & Meghan”, received the highest UK viewing ratings for any Netflix show in 2022. While the report claimed most of Hollywood was allegedly “laughing” at the duchess, Hollywood powerhouse Kris Jenner was undoubtedly not one of them. Recently, Jenner supported the Duchess of Sussex’s American Riviera Orchard after Markle gifted her a jar of strawberry jam.