Meghan Markle has been torn apart by a raging US host who has dismissed her new lifestyle brand as a “fraud”.

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Sussex announced American Riviera Orchard, marked by a video shared on Instagram that saw her showcasing her culinary skills in a picturesque kitchen adorned with white and pink flowers.

The brand’s focus includes the production and sale of a range of products, such as jams, which will align with Meghan’s upcoming cookery show for Netflix.

The American Riviera Orchard trademark covers a wide array of goods, ranging from cutlery to recipe books.

But US host and commentator Megyn Kelly has furiously taken aim at Meghan’s new lifestyle brand.

It’s all because it’s fake. At least Martha Stewart knows how to cook and set a beautiful table.

“What is Meghan Markle’s qualification to do any of this? This is all a fraud.”

Meanwhile, a royal expert warned Meghan and Prince Harry may find themselves hung out to dry by Hollywood if they do not come up with a different story to tell.