Meghan Markle was dragged online after sending millionaire Kris Jenner a gift basket filled with ‘garbage’ strawberry jam and ‘wilted’ lemons from her newly launched lifestyle brand

Meghan Markle was torn to sheds online after delivering a basket of “garbage” strawberry jam with “wilted” lemons to Kris Jenner from her newly launched lifestyle brand.

This week the Duchess of Sussex sent out sweet baskets to her celebrity friends filled with her newest American Riviera Orchard jam. Kris was one of just 50 people who were chosen to test out Meghan’s new product and was gifted the jam in a wicker basket filled with the new fruity spread, multiple lemons, plants, and a handwritten letter.

In an Instagram Story, the 68-year-old media personality shared a snap of the thoughtful gift for her 52 million followers to see. In the post, she tagged and personally thanked the business for thinking of her. And while Kris might’ve appreciated the gift, fans were outraged by the presentation and roasted Meghan for sending the millionaire out-of-date “bruised” fruit.

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Meghan sent out 50 baskets filled with her new jam to celebrities (

Kris promoted Meghan’s latest business venture on her Instagram Story (
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In a Reddit thread one user brutally wrote: “Good grief Kris Jenner is worth billions but could not afford some fresh lemons these look like she pulled them out of the garbage they look rotten.” Another critic added: “Must of been a late delivery…lemons look wilted?”

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And a third wrote: “Does Meghan truly expect Kris Jenner to be impressed by strawberry jam in a bowl of bruised lemons and shredded paper? This whole business venture is a lemon. Does anyone believe she’ll ever actually sell jam?” And someone else replied: ” Meghan Markle could not sink any lower. Nobody decent will have any thing to do with her.”

This comes as Meghan recently announced her latest business venture last month, revealing that she is starting a lifestyle brand that will be selling an assortment of home and lifestyle goods. And while the brand has been largely shrouded in mystery, Meghan has announced that she will be selling strawberry jam with predictions that she will also be selling limited edition honey.

PR expert Mayah Riaz spoke with The Mirror and shared her future predictions for the brand explaining that she expects to see: “Jams, honey, she may possibly even create sauces and pestos. Essentially items which are seen as luxury and would sit well in hampers. They would also be ideal items for gifting – if you can get your hands on them.”