Recently, Meghan Markle expressed frustration over Kate Middleton’s frequent sharing of fan photos and letters on social media. Meghan criticized this practice as unnecessary self-promotion, implying that it was a form of showing off rather than a genuine interaction with the public.



Kate Middleton, known for her engagement with royal fans, often posts pictures and letters she receives, showcasing the support from the public. Meghan’s comments suggest that she sees these actions as excessive and believes they detract from more meaningful royal duties.

This criticism has added to the ongoing tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family. Meghan and Harry have previously faced scrutiny for their approach to public life and their distancing from royal traditions, which contrasts sharply with Kate and William’s more traditional methods of maintaining public relations.


The backlash from Meghan’s statement reflects the broader issues of privacy and public engagement that have characterized the rift within the royal family. While Meghan’s intention might have been to highlight what she sees as an overemphasis on public image, her comments have been met with mixed reactions, with some seeing them as an unnecessary attack on Kate’s way of connecting with royal supporters.