According to Daily Mail sources, Meghan Markle filmed a cooking show at one of California’s largest cannabis farms. However, insiders confirmed to Page Six that is not the case.

Meghan Markle is on a journey to become Hollywood’s new lifestyle queen, with the American Riviera Orchard brand. The latest move to achieve that ambition is to film a cooking show for Netflix.

On May 1, Daily Mail sources said that the Duchess of Sussex and a crew of about 50 people were filming for the show.

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Meghan Markle is filming a cooking show on Netflix. Photo: Getty Images. 

According to sources, so far, Meghan has avoided filming at the $14 million villa in Montecito (California, USA) where she and her husband and children live. Instead, she borrowed a smaller house but still about 418 square meters, about 3.2 km from home, to use as her first filming location. The owners of the $5 million house are philanthropic couple Tom and Sherrie Cipolla. The second filming location is Farmlane – the Van Wingerden family’s cannabis farm in the coastal town of Carpinteria (California).

Van Wingerdens is known as the largest legal cannabis supplier in the area. Farmlane owners David and Cindy Van Wingerden turned the flower farm into a cannabis mecca in 2015.

In California, the production and distribution of marijuana is legal. However, the activities of the Van Wingerden family and other cannabis farms caused discontent among people in the surrounding area because they created a foul smell that polluted the air.

According to the Daily Mail , Carpinteria residents filed 2,340 odor complaints between mid-2018 and 2022. In September 2023, households in the area filed a class-action lawsuit against two marijuana farms (no relation to Van Wingerden’s business), with claims the value of their property was severely damaged by a sewer-like odor.

The lawsuit states that residents have to endure the strong smell of marijuana almost every day. Their house and  clothes were seriously stained. Some people also experience breathing problems, headaches and nausea.

While Daily Mail asked how Meghan would deal with the stench when choosing a cannabis farm as a place to cook, Page Six ‘s own source denied the information.

Sources familiar with the matter confirmed that the show was not filmed in or near any marijuana farms. This person added that the filming sessions were taking place at a private home and any other names given were false.

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Daily Mail reported that Meghan will film at the cannabis farm. Photo: Farmlane.

Meghan’s representative has not responded to the above news. However, it made her once again become a topic of discussion in the online community.

Netizens commented: “Maybe she should make magic mushrooms to make delicious soup”, “At some point, she has to stop craving attention. It’s as if they’re planning to do bold things to get publicity and that’s not appropriate at all”, “Harry seems to love this”, “Why does she need to use 2 location for filming?”, “Of course they chose the controversial filming location to get these guys more attention”, “If that’s really the case, the Netflix show should be on the list Meghan’s failures”, “The ratings are definitely not high”, “I spend money on Netflix to watch something relaxing, kind, educational or entertaining. Why waste money on them?”…

Before Meghan, Prince Harry also had trouble due to drug use in the past

He claimed in his memoir Spare (2023) that cannabis helped heal the wounds caused by the death of his mother, Princess Diana. He also admitted to using cocaine and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Because of this, the American Heritage Foundation filed a lawsuit demanding that King Charles’s youngest son’s visa application be made public, to see if he was truthful when answering questions about drug use.

There is no information about whether Meghan provides cannabis-containing products in the list of products of American Riviera Orchard. According to cannabis business website MJBizDaily , many celebrities have given their names to various cannabis products, including actresses Gwyneth Paltrow (Meghan’s neighbor), Seth Rogan, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, Bella Thorne and Justin Bieber…

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Meghan’s show hasn’t aired yet and it’s already in trouble. Photo: AP.