Meghan Markle in trouble for being forced to visit UK?

Meghan Markle comes under fire for her surprising decision

Some royal experts and historians do not seem to show mercy to Meghan Markle for her decision to skip the UK trip as she’s being slammed for not stealing the limelight at Harry’s Invictus Games in London.

The Duchess of Sussex has decided to stay at Montecito home with her two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet during Harry’s trip to the UK to attend the Invictus Games thanksgiving service on May 8.

Meghan is said to be in trouble as she has come under fire for her decision to give Harry space for his visit to the country of his birth.

Royal author Angelina Levin has blasted the former Suits star for “not supporting her husband” on London visit, saying: “She doesn’t like the UK!”

It comes just days after a new poll revealed Meghan as the “least popular royal”, ranking at just 12 per cent. Princess Kate came out on top with over 70 per cent of the vote.

Reacting to the latest polling on GB News, Levin said the results are “not surprising”.

“Meghan doesn’t like us, she doesn’t want to come to the UK,” Levin claimed.

Levin also claimed that Meghan’s decision not to visit the UK anymore is a significant factor in the results of the poll, stating that “people don’t like” Meghan’s stance on the UK.

“I think people have seen what King Charles is really like. When he went on his first visit since he was diagnosed with having cancer, he said to people it was a bit of a shock. And really you don’t imagine that a Queen or a King would say that.”

While another expert Lady C warned the couple against their plan to visit Nigeria, saying: “We are heading into very dangerous territory’ with Meghan’s trip to Nigeria.”

However, some royal experts have praised the Duchess to stay away from the Harry’s show as her presence could change the focus. One expert even claimed that Meghan fears to be booed that’s why she’s avoiding to visit Britain.