In a recent turn of events, a Netflix insider has leaked information suggesting that Meghan Markle might not be the culinary expert she appe…

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In a recent turn of events, a Netflix insider has leaked information suggesting that Meghan Markle might not be the culinary expert she appears to be on her new cooking show.

According to the source, Megan struggled with basic kitchen tasks and heavily relied on off-camera assistance to pull off her supposedly effortless dishes. While Megan’s cooking skills may not be as bad as Brooklyn Beckham’s, the insider described her as robotic and fake.

The reality is that Megan seems to think she’s too elite to actually cook, and as a result, her efforts come off as robotic and insincere. It feels as if she’s portraying herself as too good for cooking, more like someone who bosses a chef around and shows them how to properly prepare her meals.

If Megan wants to attract viewers for a food show, she should consider making every episode like a “Men’s Health Burger Fiasco” – gross and appetite-killing. It might attract more viewers than a low-budget Martha Stewart act. Alternatively, she could market it as a diet show.On the other hand, if she wants to ditch the nice guy act altogether, she could film herself yelling at kitchen staff, spitting out the food, and throwing things around. People love it when Gordon Ramsey does it.

This approach could result in the most authentic and organic cooking show yet. Add in Harry wandering in and Megan emasculating him with insults, and it would probably get more viewers than all the “Real Housewives” shows combined.

After announcing her upcoming Netflix show, Megan Markle has been likened to Brooklyn Beckham, who also ventured into the culinary scene. The show is believed to coincide with Megan’s new brand launch, American Riviera Orchard. However, Mail on Sunday editor Charlotte Griffiths remains skeptical, stating that the idea that they’re not trading on their royal connections for this is laughable.

Meghan Markle Is Hosting a Cooking Show — Here's What We Know

She questions who would tune into a cooking show by Megan Markle if she hadn’t married into the royal family. Griffiths recalls seeing something online about Megan’s previous cookery show, where she made toast.

She cooked toast about five years ago and shared a recipe for toast with ricotta and her grandmother’s favorite jam. Watching that was like watching paint dry. Megan doesn’t have a strong track record for cookery shows. Griffiths suggests that Megan and Brooklyn Beckham should be put together in a room to create something, as it would likely be cringe-worthy.

Griffiths suggests that this new venture could be an attempt by Megan to soften her image, although she acknowledges that being ambitious isn’t necessarily negative. She believes that Megan is trying to portray a softer image, but Griffiths personally doesn’t buy into it. She doesn’t believe in the soft and gentle Megan.

Griffiths points out that Megan is known to be hard as nails, ambitious, and ruthless. She clarifies that there’s nothing wrong with these qualities, but Megan isn’t the gentle person she tries to portray.