Meghan Markle is reportedly asking for an apology from the royal family before returning to the UK after allegedly turning down an invite for her and her kids next month.

Royal Family left 'baffled' by Harry and Meghan's reported demands for an apology | Daily Mail Online

However, sources claim that the royals will not likely apologize anytime soon. There’s been a shift in relations since King Charles III and Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis.

Meghan Markle’s Trip To The UK Still Uncertain
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A Royal expert has revealed that Meghan wants an apology from the royal family before she makes her next visit to the UK. This comes after the Duchess of Sussex allegedly declined a rumored invitation to visit the country with their two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilbet.

Meghan has maintained a strained relationship with senior members of the royal family since she and her husband stepped down from their roles as senior royals in 2020. She has heavily documented their various altercations and issues in projects in the years since, including an interview with Oprah and their “Harry & Meghan” docuseries on Netflix.

The news also comes after reports that Harry has been working on a possible reconciliation with his family when he travels to London soon. Royal experts have suggested that it’s unlikely that both sides of the royal family will reach a middle ground if Meghan doesn’t receive an apology.

Meghan Markle Needs To 'Mend Bridges' With The British Royal Family
Royal commentator, Charlotte Griffiths spoke to GB News about a possible apology coming from the royals.

She said, “I think that she is pushing for an apology. She’s been pushing for that for quite a long time, although there have been reports from the Sussex camp that she has sort of given up on an apology.”

Griffiths noted that she doesn’t think Meghan is “actually blocking” Harry from spending time with the rest of the royals.

She then mentioned his recent trip to Charles in the hospital after his surgery was announced and that he’s planning to visit again in May.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Do Feel They Need To Extend An Olive Branch’
Meghan Markle Will Not Be Joining Prince Harry For Visit To ‘Sick’ King Charles
Royal author Tom Quinn also spoke to The Mirror and said there won’t be a reconciliation until Meghan feels the royal family has “sufficiently” apologized for the past.

He noted that Harry wants a reconciliation between their families, especially as there’s been “a shift” in the royal family since Kate’s illness.

He also said, “Harry and Meghan do feel they need to extend an olive branch, but Meghan’s sense of grievance is still preventing anything really meaningful [from] happening. Illness often brings warring family members together. And there have been hopes at Kensington Palace that Kate’s illness might do it.”

Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Worried About The Safety Of Her Kids In The UK
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the RAF100 flypast at Buckingham Palace, London, UK, on the 10th July 2018. 10 Jul 2018
Meghan is allegedly reconsidering the upcoming family trip for the 10th Anniversary service of his Invictus Games event because of safety concerns.

A source told OK! Magazine that Meghan is apprehensive, which means Harry might take the trip solo.

The source explained that Harry isn’t happy about the development as he wants a stronger tie to the UK for the family, especially after King Charles and the Princess of Wales confirmed their cancer diagnosis.

However, the source said, “It’s now got to the point where Meghan doesn’t want to come to the UK with the children. She just doesn’t feel safe. The situation is now about whether the family should attend with increased security or Harry should go it alone.”

Another source noted, “He would prefer it if the entire family made regular visits to see his family and build bridges, but there is so much going on behind the scenes that it just isn’t possible at the moment.”

The Royal Couple Will Have To Arrange Private Security
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If Meghan ever visits the UK with Archie and Lilibet, she and Harry would have to make private arrangements for security. This is because the Sussexes were stripped of tax-payer-funded royal protection after they left for America. The Duke took this battle all the way to court and recently lost.

In a High Court ruling, Judge Peter Lane declared that RAVEC’s removal of Harry’s Royal security by changing his status after he stepped down was not unlawful.