In October 2022, she blasted Meghan Markle for ‘making other women feel bad’ after the royal claimed her time as a ‘briefcase girl’ on Deal or No Deal made her feel like a bimbo.


Famously liberal Goldberg said: ‘My point is, if you see it and that’s how you feel, just maybe you don’t want to make the other women feel bad because maybe they’re not — you know, maybe they’re trying to make a living too.’

She continued: ‘The objectification might be coming from you and how you felt about how these women were being portrayed,’ she said.

In 2023, Goldberg questioned Markle and Prince Harry’s account of being involved in a ‘near catastrophic car chase’ thanks to the paparazzi while on a visit to New York City.

‘If it was possible to have car chases in New York, we’d all make it to the theatre on time,’ Goldberg joked.

‘I think their spokesperson referenced something you generally would reference in Los Angeles. That’s where you have chases, that’s where you can move at high speeds,’ she added.

Goldberg has described her relationship with Prince Harry as ‘close’ while also in 2022 calling for the Royal Family to apologize for their colonial past.