Meet The Stunning Female Fan With 11-Million IG Followers Who Had All The Players On The Bench Losing Focus During Recent NBA Game (VIDEOS + PICS)

Photos of Malu Trevejo sitting courtside
A female NBA fan went viral this week as she sat courtside during a Denver Nuggets game and proved to be a huge distraction for the players on the bench.

The fan, a social media influencer and singer named Malu Trevejo, is pretty popular online and has 11.6 million followers on Instagram. That she was doing the rounds on the web came as no surprise given her looks and what she was wearing.

Several fans joked that she was the one who inspired Reggie Jackson to a 35-point performance.

“I see why Reggie Jackson was in his bag tonight,” one fan wrote.

“Soo that’s why he dropped 35 OKAYYYYY😂💯,” another added.

“Now I know why bro dropped 35,” claimed another. You can see some more of her posts right below.

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Meanwhile, the Nuggets look keen on repeating this season after winning their first NBA title last year. Having a fan such as Malu in the building can be helpful.

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