Fans await a treasured actor’s return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it all depends on Kevin Feige.

"Maybe they don't feel I'm an ensemble player": Wesley Snipes' Comments About Marvel Return Will Give a New Hope to Blade Fans

As the world awaits Marvel’s verdict on the upcoming Phases Five and Six of its interconnected universe, a more urgent matter lies in the hands of Wesley Snipes, Mahershala Ali, and the common thread that binds the actors with the same fate – Blade.


Wesley Snipes as BladeWesley Snipes as Blade [Credit: New Line Cinema]
Marvel’s goal to get back into the good graces of its fan base speaks to the quality of effort that the studio is applying to its projects. While the MCU still reels from its anxiety-ridden Phase Four and gripes about the damage to its reputation, the studio manages to come up with the next best solution: the return of an old classic.

Wesley Snipes Comments on His Marvel Return as Blade

The era of film noir is over and yet the allure still remains. With the tail ends of the 90s, Wesley Snipes became an ever-mythic figure in the world of entertainment cinema. His reputation as Blade in the Marvel trilogy predates the established MCU and as such, the legacy of the reputed films, among which also lies a Guillermo del Toro-directed classic, builds in the days preceding its reboot.

Wesley Snipes as BladeWesley Snipes as Blade [Credit: New Line Cinema]
Encouraging speculations about his return, Wesley Snipes claimed in an interview with ComicBook:

“Never say never. Long as I’m healthy and in shape, I can rock with them. Yeah, as far as my predictions on if something like that happened in future, I don’t know. I don’t know. It seems to me if it would’ve happened, it would’ve happened already. But hey, never say never.”

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Although the actor is in no place to demand a place within the MCU, it is Marvel who would benefit from the veteran Daywalker’s return in a significant cameo role, besides the already groundbreaking performance that is expected from Mahershala Ali.

Wesley Snipes’ Fraught Relationship With Marvel Studios

Blade: Trinity (2004)

Blade: Trinity (2004) [Credit: New Line Cinema]
While the actor is still open to a call from Marvel, the metaphorical awkward silence that stretches into the night clarifies his stance on the subject. It is clear that the actor did some major damage to his reputation in the Blade days with his extremely difficult behavior. It won’t be ideal for Marvel and Kevin Feige to bring him back while the studio itself suffers from a blow to its stability.


Commenting on the lack of a phone call from Kevin Feige, Snipes went on to joke:

“I’m still working on my acting skills. So when I come up as an actor, maybe they’ll reach out and say, ‘Let’s have a conversation,’ or maybe they don’t feel I’m ensemble player.”

“Looks like they have little faith in the one with Mahershala Ali”: Wesley Snipes Reportedly Returning as Blade as MCU’s Reboot Keeps Running Into Delays
In the recent past, rumors about Snipes’ return to Marvel have taken the fanbase by storm. Reports of his possible return in a multiversal capacity first rose in 2023. As MCU reaches a year closer to its Phase Six goals, reports of Wesley Snipes’ potential return in a major cameo role have flooded the internet. While some sources claim he’ll return in Deadpool & Wolverine, other sources say Snipes will have a more important role in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy is available for streaming on Apple TV.