Marvel may have accidentally ruined its own movie with a McDonald’s pamphlet!

Marvel Screws up Yet Again: Captain America 4 Merch Spoils Rosa Salazar’s Villain Role That Had Been Kept Secret Till Now

Marvel Studios has a knack for accidentally spoiling their own movies. Either by sending Tom Holland for interviews or by releasing merchandise of an upcoming film, Marvel Studios has oftentimes spilled their own secrets.


Well, the latter seems to be the case once again as the merchandise for Captain America: Brave New World has allegedly leaked. Confirmed what people feared was true, Rosa Salazar’s villainous appearance as Diamondback has most probably been confirmed!
A still from Marvel's Captain America: Civil WarA still from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Marvel Accidentally Spoils Its Own Movie (Again)!

Captain American: Brave New World, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan is probably one of the most awaited MCU films of all time. With the new MCU taking the fight for equal rights amidst a turbulent ever-changing world, Brave New World is sure to tackle the transfer of power from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson.

Sam Wilson picks Captain America's shieldSam Wilson picks Captain America’s shield
Rosa Salazar, the American actress known for movies like Alita: Battle Angel, Bird Box, and, The Maze Runner franchise was spotted on the sets of Captain American: Brave New World and people became curious. With several speculations and rumors on her way, it was heavily rumored that Rosa Salasar is portraying the villainous character of Diamondback aka Rachel Leighton in the upcoming MCU movie.
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Marvel Studios was indeed keeping the rumors under check as they seemingly did not confirm or deny anything. Well, that is until McDonald’s and Marvel decided to collaborate together and create some merchandise for the upcoming film. Prepare to brush up on your Portuguese skills.

Rosa Salazar’s Diamondback Has Been Alleged To Be The Villain!

Rosa Salazar in a still from Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)Rosa Salazar in a still from Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)
For those unversed in the comics, Diamondback aka Rachel Leighton is a supervillain appearing in the Marvel Comics. Being a direct enemy of Captain America, the appearance of Salazar while shooting Captain America: Brave New World made sense.


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The rumor was further confirmed when a pamphlet from McDonald’s showcased the character of Diamondback alongside Sam Wilson’s Falcon!

The tweet roughly translates to:


“The McDonalds collection for “CAPTAIN AMERICA: A BRAVE NEW WORLD” will be available soon. The film, which initially had a release date for the next few weeks, has been postponed until next year. (And apparently, there was no way to change the collection calendar anymore).”

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Well, the rumors do seem credible enough. Upon closer inspection, the character of Cascavel can be seen numbered 5 alongside Red Hulk. So, it could be potentially true that Rosa Salazar has indeed joined the movie to portray the role of Diamondback, or…this theory could turn out to be a complete hogwash.

Nothing can be confirmed or denied at the moment but if the rumor indeed turns out to be true, Marvel Studios will have accidentally spoiled their own movie (again)! Captain America: Brave New World is set for a release date of 14th February 2025 in theaters across the U.S.

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