Sports journalist Amy Christophers appeared on hit reality TV show Married At First Sight UK back in 2021 in the hopes of finding lasting love – but was cruelly trolled over her appearance

Amy Christophers was one of the most unforgettable cast members of Married At First Sight UK when she featured on the E4 series of back in 2021.

At the time, the sports journalist was paired up with Josh Christie and the outspoken star immediately became hugely popular with viewers. While her marriage on the popular show didn’t work out, Amy now has a thriving career away from her MAFS stint – working on events such as Royal Ascot and the Women’s Six Nations and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tommy Fury and Jill Scott.

However, when her season of the E4 show ended, Amy was faced with an onslaught of social media hate, with the main topic of conversation being her figure as she was endlessly and cruelly body-shamed.

It got so bad that Amy, 37, revealed her friends were forced to jump to her defence after the show aired as she was being slammed on social media – with her weight being the butt of the cruel jokes.

Amy is now a body-positivity activist (
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The journalist tied the knot with Josh on the 2021 series of Married At First Sight UK (

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Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Amy recalled: “It was really weird, I remember one day I logged on to my Facebook while I was on the show and my notifications just went wild. My friends were tagging me on these MAFS Facebook pages, and they were defending me, saying ‘You don’t even know her’. It was a lot. I’m somebody who tries not to go looking at the comments, but you couldn’t get away from them.

“My friends were tagging me and defending me, but then that just made me look at the comments. While the majority of the comments were very supportive, some weren’t very nice and took Josh’s side, I think those people fancied him.

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“A lot of women in the UK, and further afield, were very supportive. I still get messages now, from people around the world saying, ‘Oh my God, I’ve just finished MAFS and you’re one of my favourites,’ it’s really lovely.”

The MAFS UK favourite was left deeply upset by the body-shaming, and began to question herself due to the vile and cruel comments made by internet trolls. Amy explained: “When all the fat shaming stuff happened, after the second series, and I did the Christmas special and things like that, it just blew my mind.

“I was a size 12 to 14, and it was quite upsetting, but I was speaking to women who were bigger, and I thought, ‘How will they feel seeing all these comments about me as a mid size woman?’ It shouldn’t come down to size.

Amy was endlessly trolled over her appearance (
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“There’s no right or wrong shape and I think people who write comments about it should be a bit more mindful that there are other shapes and sizes who will be reading them too. You’re making other people feel bad, comments like that aren’t appreciated or needed. We should all be celebrating our differences, we are all unique and that’s what makes us beautiful. It would be boring if we were all the same.

“Even now, it’s like everyone is getting the same cosmetics procedures done to their face, it’s becoming boring. We all just need to embrace ourselves, that is the beauty of you.”

Since appearing on the E4 show and facing intense criticism for her weight due to body-shaming, Amy has thankfully fully embraced her gorgeous figure and is now a body-positivity activist – inspiring thousands of women each day on social media. The brunette beauty often shares emotive posts with a bid to help other women embrace their bodies and love themselves as they are.

Lifting the lid on why she chose to bravely show off her body on social media, Amy insisted that it’s for the greater good. The former reality TV star explained: “When you have got this platform, I think it’s important to use it. I had an influx of messages from mid size girls and plus size girls [since being on the show], which has been so nice.

“People have appreciated seeing a more realistic figure on TV, when we’re so used to Love Island types, where they all get coaches and slim right down, because they know they’re going to be in bikinis. They’re all young and fit – when I was 20, I didn’t even have to work out, I was just a size 6 naturally.

“As you get older, you either have to accept that your metabolism slows down or you stay on top of it. You’ve got to work hard to sort of keep up that body which I just think is a bit unrealistic. You’ve just love your body where you’re at now, and be comfortable in your own skin.

“I didn’t realise the actual significance of viewers just seeing a normal midsize body on TV would be such a thing. All of the messages I received were people saying ‘Well done for being you’, and it was actually really refreshing. Then, I thought, I’ve got all these girls here and I think they’re expecting me to be their voice, so I guess I better start talking.”

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