Louis Walsh stepped back into the spotlight since his stint on Celebrity Big Brother to party the night away with Ekin Su but was reportedly paid an astonishing £12,000 to do so

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh was reportedly paid an astonishing £12,000 to attend a beauty store launch party alongside his co-star Ekin-Su Culculoglu.

The pair were all smiles for the camera as they stepped back into the spotlight to support the launch of BPerfect in Belfast. Also in attendance was Bradley Riches, who was also in the iconic reality TV house. In one snap both Bradley and Louis were pictured kissing Ekin-Su, 29, on the cheek as she coyly smiled for the snap but it wasn’t long ago that the pair clashed while in the infamous CBB house.

This came after Ekin-Su’s face to face nomination of Louis, which ultimately led to her dramatic downfall. She said while in the house: “I just feel like Louis is a bit lazy and I prefer someone who is a team player. I would like him to be more practical with housework in the home. That’s why I want to nominate Louis.”

A source told The Sun: “Louis has been away from the celeb party scene for a long time but he’s hot property now he’s been on CBB. He was paid a massive £12k just to show up last night. He got a huge fee for CBB, so it’s no surprise he can ask for loads. Ekin was also there as an ambassador for the brand, so was showing Louis the ropes.”

Ekin-Su reunites with Celebrity Big Brother housemate Louis Walsh in Belfast for beauty launch (
Aaron Parfitt / SplashNews.com)

Louis Walsh was all smiles alongside former housemate Bradley Riches (
Aaron Parfitt / SplashNews.com)

Louis was enticed on to the ITV reboot of the show for a estimated £850,000 and shared the house with a number of high profile celebrities including his pal Sharon Osbourne, Zizi Milz, Levi Roots and Fern Britton. He previously admitted: “They paid me a lot of money.” And when speaking to the Irish Independent, he said: “They said they really, really wanted me. They kept on at me, and still I said no, because I was scared. I don’t want to be a celebrity. It’s a fake world. I have no desire. I like music and staying under the radar. I still haven’t watched it. And I don’t want to.”

However, Ekin-Su basked in her renewed status after her stint on the show didn’t appear to go according tom plan, especially after her row with fellow housemate Marisha Wallace over nominations. On the back of her elimination, Ekin-Su was grilled by hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best but it was when Strictly Come Dancing star Layton Williams appeared on the show’s spin off programme, Late and Live, Ekin-Su realised she had made an error while in the house.

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The reality TV star was made aware by the performer that her attitude did not come across well. And this seemed to prompt her decision to remove herself from social media for a while. Weeks later, she wrote on Instagram to address her removal from the limelight. She said: “I hope you don’t think I was selfish for setting boundaries and putting my own needs first last night. I’m fully aware that not everybody will understand my absence, or think it was the right decision to make, BUT it was the right decision for me.”

Unfortunately for Ekin-Su, she also seemed to fall out with host Lorraine Kelly as it was believed she simply decided to not show up for an interview on the ITV show. But in a bid to clear up the misunderstanding, Lorraine shared an official ITV apology to Ekin-Su. It read: “We’d like to clear up a misunderstanding, Ekin-Su did not pull out of the show or throw the programme into chaos this morning.”

Mirror Online has reached out to Louis and Ekin-Su’s reps for comment.