Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers

Dwight Howard and LeBron James (Image source Getty Images)
Former Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has expressed his desire to help the team in their upcoming match against the Denver Nuggets. In a recent social media post on X, Howard stated that he is still in good shape and would like to return to his former team to help them secure a win against the Nuggets. He suggested that the Lakers consider giving him another opportunity to play, especially after their loss in Game 1.

“Lebron 39 I’m 38! I’m still in shape ya saying that was 3 years ago but I’m still in shape lol” Dwight Howard wrote in his post.

After the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 1 loss to the Denver Nuggets, Dwight Howard’s recent comments about a possible return to the team have been discussed among NBA fans and analysts.

Although Howard plays for the Puerto Rican Mets de Guaynabo club, he seemed excited about rejoining his former NBA team and helping them beat the Nuggets. It is no secret that the Lakers have been struggling in recent seasons against the Denver Nuggets.

Howard’s statement introduces an intriguing new aspect to the ongoing discussion

Despite LeBron James being one of the league’s top players, winning against last year’s champions required team support. Nikola Jokic could use some assistance from the Lakers to prevent him from dominating the game.

The Nuggets have won nine consecutive games, and the Lakers are struggling to find a solution. Despite not having played in an NBA game since 2022, when he was part of the Lakers in 27 games, Howard could still be a viable option at 38.

The Lakers have lost nine games in a row against the Nuggets, including their recent playoff defeat, which highlights the need for changes and additions to the team.

Howard’s statement that he could assist the Lakers in their struggles against the Nuggets introduces an intriguing new aspect to the ongoing discussion about their chances in the postseason.