Marvin Harrison Jr. in Ohio State uniform

Marvin Harrison Jr. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Is Marvin Harrison Jr. purposely trying to get drafted later in the upcoming draft?

Marvin Harrison Jr. is projected to be either the fourth or fifth overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. However, a new rumor going around social media is stating that the stud former Ohio State wideout is “quietly dropping his draft stock” so he can fall to the Chicago Bears at pick 9, per Bears insider Erik Lambert.

Marvin Harrison Jr. decided to let his tape do his talking, as he chose not to participate in Pro Day at all for Ohio State, and he also did not participate at the NFL combine.

Marvin Harrison Jr. was supposed to be the talk of the scouting combine during the interview session, but as reporters packed his area ready for him to speak, he never showed up, 15 minutes after his scheduled showing, an NFL combine official notified reporters that Harrison would not speak to them, suggesting the reason was unknown.

“Marvin is not going to be speaking here,” said the spokesperson at the time. ” I don’t have any other information.”

It’s not hard to see why Marvin Harrison Jr. wants to play for the Chicago Bears as they are widely expected to take Caleb Williams with the number one overall draft pick.

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Harrison is seen as the top receiving prospect and one of the best overall players in this year’s draft, and things could be made entirely easy for him if he lands with a team that has a stud quarterback already in place.

Marvin Harrison Jr. Might Be The First Wide Receiver Off The NFL Draft Board

Marvin Harrison Jr. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
The Chicago Bears might not ever get the opportunity to take Harrison Jr. as the Arizona Cardinals are expected to take him if someone doesn’t come along and offer them a grandfather deal to move out of the spot.

If the Cardinals did entertain trade offers for the No. 4 pick, they would likely require a 2025 first-round pick as part of the package.

Per, last season, Harrison totaled 1,211 yards on 67 catches for 14 touchdowns so it’s not hard to see why teams would love to have him on their team.