Kim Kardashian ‘crossed the line’ with ‘inappropriate’ parenting when North West, 10, drew ‘ photos’ of stepmom Bianca.

Kim Kardashian ‘crosses the line’ with ‘inappropriate’ parenting as North West, 10, draws ‘naked pic’ of stepmom Bianca

A parenting expert exclusively revealed that Kim and Kanye may be harming North’s future by putting her in the spotlight

KIM Kardashian has been slammed by fans for her parenting after North West drew a naked picture.

The 10-year-old doodled a naked drawing of her step-mom Bianca Censori and Kim posted it on her TikTok earlier this week.

Kim Kardashian has been slammed by fans for her parenting after North West drew a naked picture
Kim Kardashian has been slammed by fans for her parenting after North West drew a naked pictureCredit: Getty

Bianca Censori appeared naked on the cover of Kanye's album
Bianca Censori appeared naked on the cover of Kanye’s albumCredit: Mowalola/ Instagram
Kim shared a photo of her daughter’s notebook.

On the page, North had written several things she was grateful for that day.

“What 3 things are you grateful for today?” the page was titled.

Underneath, North listed several things about her dad’s new album, including one of his songs, Carnival.

Kanye released the Vultures I album on Saturday after it was pushed back several months.

After North’s list, she drew her rendition of the album cover.

On it, she depicted her step-mom Bianca facing the wall completely naked bar a tiny thong.

Fans thought her drawing was completely inappropriate and flocked to Reddit to discuss their thoughts.

A user posted a screenshot of her drawing on a popular Kardashian discussion thread.

“Oh my God,” they titled the post with a crying emoji.

“North drawing her step mum’s ass is weird ash to me y’all idk,” someone wrote.

“Even Eminem didn’t let his daughters listen to his music. Art or not, her dad’s music is inappropriate for children. And yes, that includes his own 10-year-old child,” added another.

“I can’t defend this. This is absolutely unhinged,” a third noted.

“Ok, but the fact Kim shared this to the public… Like, keep this private,” a fourth shared.

“It’s especially disturbing that she cites Carnival…I just read the lyrics and as a grown adult I feel gross,” a fifth wrote referring to North’s list.

“The lyrics literally make no sense whatsoever and it’s gibberish but also insanely inappropriate for a child her age and a dad that pushes it on her,” replied a sixth.


Criticism of Kim came after a parenting expert recently warned North’s future may be at risk.

Kirsty Ketley spoke exclusively to The U.S. Sun about the famous 10-year-old and what the future may hold for her.

“North West is no stranger to being in the spotlight but at just 10 years old, it appears she is being molded to follow in the footsteps of her [family] and spend her life firmly in the spotlight,” Ketley said.

While there is no way to know how pushy Kim and Kanye are as parents, she explained that their behavior can be interpreted that way.

North has appeared on The Kardashians as well as being shared frequently on Kim’s social media.


North’s public appearances have gained her lots of attention in the media.

“She has strategically posed in outfits that are sure to gain her attention.

“Hello, dressing in her dad’s 2004 Polo shirt and iconic Pastelle varsity jacket,” Ketley explained.

She added that North is at an age where she is figuring out what her style is and it is “likely [she] will have wanted to throw some support her dad’s way” through her fashion choices.”

“Child stars notoriously end up needing rehab and falling out with their parents, so Kim and Kayne need to be mindful that North isn’t going to be getting too much limelight, too young,” she said.

“Her developing brain isn’t ready to take on all that it means to be a ‘star.’”

Kim shared North's drawing on TikTok
Kim shared North’s drawing on TikTokCredit: tiktok/kimandnorth

Kirsty Ketley claimed Kanye and Kim could be harming North's future
Kirsty Ketley claimed Kanye and Kim could be harming North’s futureCredit: Sian T Photo

North has made several public appearances with her family
North has made several public appearances with her familyCredit: The Mega Agency

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