Prince Harry is set to return to the UK for the first time since Kate’s cancer diagnosis was announced, but one expert believes that the Princess of Wales will only meet him under one condition

Prince Harry is due touch down in UK for a landmark celebration next week, but it remains to be seen whether or not he will reunite with his elder brother Prince William, or Princess Kate while he is back in his home country. However, one expert believes that the Princess of Wales will only make the time to meet her brother-in-law on one condition.

Returning to mark 10 years of the Invictus Games, the celebratory visit will be the first time that Harry is back in the UK since Kate announced in an emotional video message to the nation that she had been diagnosed with cancer and began a course of preventative chemotherapy.

Since then, Kate has remained out of the public eye as she appealed for privacy and time to focus all her efforts on her recovery. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan quickly issued a statement of support for their sister-in-law after the shock news was made public, wishing her “health and healing”.

Kate and Harry were, for a long time, known to be very close friends, and in his memoir Spare he wrote of her highly, calling her the “sister I’d never had and always wanted”. However, in recent years, relations between the Waleses and Sussexes have broken down, with Harry and Meghan being vocal about their grievances with William and Kate, and their staff members.

The couples have come together to mark important royal occasions, despite any tension that may exist between them behind the scenes, and speculation has grown about whether reconciliation may be on the cards with the fresh perspective brought by the serious health challenge that Kate’s currently facing.

One expert isn’t quite so sure that Kate will reunite with her brother-in-law at this stage, believing that the meeting will only occur on one condition. Ingrid Seward – Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine – explains that in her view, it’s “highly unlikely” that William will want to see his brother during this stressful period.

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The royal expert said: “William has enough going on and doesn’t need the stress. But he might realise Harry will want to see Kate after her cancer diagnosis as they were once so close. It remains to be seen if Kate is willing and able to face up to it. Does she have the energy to begin to try and heal the rift between the brothers or will she prefer to remain in the background?”

Ingrid added that if the request to meet Harry comes straight from the top, Kate would be likely to agree to a reunion with her once-close brother-in-law. “If the King asks, she will do it, but Charles being the sensitive and understanding soul he is, would be unlikely to ask such a favour from his adored daughter-in-law. The time must be right, and it is not right now.”

Charles has thrown his full support behind his “beloved daughter-in-law” in recent weeks. He issued a strong message of support for Kate after she gave her emotional address to the nation revealing her diagnosis, saying he is “so proud of Catherine for speaking as she did” and noting that they have “remained in the closest contact.”

Both Charles and Kate were treated in the London Clinic at the same time earlier in the year, and it has been reported that the monarch “toddled” down the corridor to spend time with Kate after she had undergone major abdominal surgery. Just a few hours before her shocking announcement, Kate and Charles are reported to have had an “emotional” lunch, which sources said “The King left his lunch feeling very emotional,” and noting “he thinks of Catherine as his daughter.”

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