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Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Isaiah Buggs has been accused of animal cruelty.

According to civil documents filed in Tuscaloosa County District Court this Wednesday and obtained by Tuscaloosa Patch, the former Alabama star is expected to face misdemeanor criminal charges following the discovery of two dogs on his porch without access to food and water.

“The petition goes on to say that when TPD and the City of Tuscaloosa’s Animal Control officers arrived, they found a grey and white pitbull on the screened-in back porch surrounded in feces, with no access to food or water,” the Patch reports.

“What’s more, those responding reported finding a black Rottweiler mix locked in a metal cage in direct sunlight with no access to food or water.

“The petition said the dogs were seized on March 28 due to both being severely “malnourished, emaciated and neglected.”

The documents also note that the residence appeared to be abandoned at the time of the initial call, with a neighbor telling police that the dogs had been on the back porch for at least 10 days.

Investigators discovered that the house was being rented to Buggs by Omega Reality Group.

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What’s Become Of Buggs’ Dogs Following Their Discovery

According to a police report, Buggs’ lease was terminated on April 15 because he owed $3,116.90 in rent. Witnesses said he moved out of the residence on or around March 19.

The pit bull was euthanized by Tuscaloosa County Metro Animal Shelter in April due to high levels of aggression and failing heartworm treatment. The rottweiler mix, only 52 pounds upon arrival at the shelter, tested positive for the Parvo virus.

It remains in care at the shelter pending a ruling on whether Buggs should be allowed to have it back or own any other animals.

Two misdemeanor warrants have been prepared in Buggs’ name for second-degree cruelty to dogs or cats following the authorities’ failure to reach him.