Johnny Manziel looks on in a baseball cap and Josie Canseco poses on the red carpet. Johnny Manziel and Josie Canseco (Photos via Getty Images)
Johnny Manziel is officially no longer a bachelor.

A few weeks ago, Josie Canseco, daughter of Major League Baseball legend Jose Canseco, posted a story on her Instagram that sparked dating rumors between her and Johnny Manziel. The two of them were also spotted spending some time together in New York City.

Now, we may finally have confirmation that Johnny Manziel has a new love interest. The two of them played together in a charity softball game earlier this year in Texas, and Jose seemed to have soft-launched the relationship on Instagram when she took a call from Manziel, and “I love yous” were heard, per

Not only are they dating, but the two of them are already exchanging “I love you” with one another.

Manziel and Josie Canseco even posed in a picture together at the Cactus Jack HBCU Celebrity Softball Classic in February 2024. Not only that, they wore matching sneakers as well.

Josie Canseco is a former Victoria’s Secret model who used to have a whirlwind relationship with Logan Paul and Brody Jenner. Canseco’s father, a two-time World Series champion, six-time MLB All-Star, and admitted steroid user, also participated in the festivities.

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Manziel previously dated beauty specialist Kenzie Werner, and the two were photographed on occasion in 2022. Before that, he married Bri Tiesi in 2018 and finalized their divorce three years later. She has since become a mother to one of Nick Cannon’s many children.