Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce recently shared an adorable moment involving his youngest daughter, Bennett. The delightful encounter occurred when Bennett met the Philadelphia Eagles mascot, Swoop, creating a memorable and heartwarming scene.

Bennett’s First Encounter with Swoop

Bennett, Jason Kelce’s youngest daughter, had her first encounter with Swoop during a family visit to the Eagles’ training facility. The moment was filled with joy and excitement as the young fan came face-to-face with the beloved mascot. Bennett’s reaction was priceless, capturing the innocence and wonder of a child’s first experience with such a larger-than-life character.

Jason Kelce Shares the Joy

Jason Kelce, known for his strong presence on the field, couldn’t have been prouder. Sharing this special moment with his daughter and the team’s mascot brought a smile to his face. Kelce’s love for his family is evident, and he often shares these precious moments with his fans, showcasing the importance of family in his life.

A Special Bond with the Eagles

The Kelce family’s bond with the Philadelphia Eagles is unmistakable. Bennett’s encounter with Swoop is a testament to this connection. The team and its community play a significant role in the lives of the Kelce family, making these interactions even more meaningful.

Fans React with Delight

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were thrilled to see the adorable photos and videos of Bennett meeting Swoop. Social media was abuzz with comments and shares, celebrating the charming interaction. The heartwarming moment provided a feel-good story for Eagles fans, reinforcing their affection for the Kelce family.

Creating Lasting Memories

For Jason Kelce and his family, moments like these create lasting memories. Sharing such experiences with the team and its mascot helps strengthen the bond between the players and their families. Bennett’s encounter with Swoop is sure to be a cherished memory for years to come.


Jason Kelce’s youngest daughter Bennett meeting the Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop is a heartwarming reminder of the special moments that connect families and their favorite teams. The joy and excitement of Bennett’s encounter reflect the strong bond between the Kelce family and the Eagles community. Such delightful interactions bring smiles to fans’ faces and create memories that will be treasured forever.