Jason Kelce and wife Celebrates 5th Anniversary as He delights fans with a surprising gift worth $7m for his wife



The NFL has its fair share of celebrity It couples: from Russ and Ciara to Brittany and Mahomes. A lot of the NFL players have had a lot of beautiful stories in terms of love. Philadephia Eagles center Jason Kelce and his wife are no exception. The couple has become one of Philly’s most loved and regularly updates the fans about each other.

Furthermore, the couple celebrated a very important moment in their marriage very publicly. Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce took to Instagram to share a beautiful image of the couple which also showcased a message for the center. The picture has garnered a huge reaction from fans.

Jason Kelce and his picture-perfect marriage

The Eagles Center and his wife, Kylie Kelce are celebrating 5 years of blissful marriage. The couple enjoys a picture-perfect marriage with their 3 children. On the momentous occasion of their 5-year anniversary, Kylie took to Instagram to share her love for the NFL player.



“Happy Anniversary”: Family Man Jason Kelce Celebrates Most Special Day With Beautiful Kylie Kelce


She even left a beautiful comment on her own post. She expressed her love for him and said, ” Five years ago feels like yesterday. I love you, J.” Fans also took to Instagram to comment on the post and showcase their happiness for the couple.

The story of Jason and Kylie and fans’ reactions
The couple who are celebrating such a monumental occasion actually had a funny story about how they got together. In the modern world, even love stories have become modern in their making. Kelce and his wife got together due to a virtual platform. They both met each other through Tinder. The couple quickly became close after their online meet cute and made their relationship official on social media in November 2015. The couple got married in 2018 and have been together since then. As the post of their anniversary went viral, fans took to Instagram to congratulate them and talk about it.


Fans were very happy for the couple. One fan congratulated them, spoke about the love they have for Kelce, and said, “What a beautiful couple! Congratulations! I hope you don’t mind how much all us fans love your husband too!”

There were also fans showcasing their love for Kelce that said, “He is the man. There will be a statue of him in the city one day. My favorite football player of all time.”

Furthermore, a fan commented on the pictures and said, “Beautiful. Happy anniversary.”

There were comments about how beautiful the Kelce family is: “Family perfection. Just listened to the latest podcast.”

Finally, there were fans wishing them a happy anniversary that said, “Happy Anniversary!! You look beautiful!!”


Fans were very kind with their wishes for the couple as they took to Instagram to celebrate 5 years of married bliss. There are surely only good things in store for the happy couple ahead of this monumental milestone. What did you think of the post shared by Kelce’s wife? Let us know in the comments below.