Deadpool might have accidentally stepped on the wrong foot of the TVA!

Kevin Feige, Deadpool & WolverineCredits: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

The trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine dropped recently and the world has gone nuts. With Kevin Feige dropping hints like breadcrumbs, people are trying to figure out what the story of Deadpool and Wolverine will include.


With rumors of a twist, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s film might not be so simple after all. Fighting TVA Agents in the trailer, Deadpool might have accidentally stepped on the wrong foot. And the twist in the film might just be one of the greatest revelations in the MCU!
Deadpool & WolverineRyan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in and as Deadpool and Wolverine (2024)

Kevin Feige Warns That Deadpool & Wolverine Isn’t A Simple Film!

With Shawn Levy as the director and Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds as the main leads, Deadpool & Wolverine is one of the most anticipated films in the MCU. Being the bridge between the MCU and the X-Men Universe, the world simply cannot wait.

The TVA in Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]The TVA in Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
From the on-screen chemistry of Deadpool and Wolverine to the off-screen accidental spoilers, the world is waiting for an MCU movie like Deadpool 3 to make things right. But there’s always more to these MCU films than what meets the eye.
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With secrets, easter eggs, tons of references, and some inside jokes, the trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine is enough to accidentally spoil the movie. Combine that with the statements from Kevin Feige, people might have already guessed the plot of the upcoming film but once again, Feige would surely have something up his sleeve and that is Matthew Macfadyen’s character of Paradox.

Kevin Feige Has A Trump Card Up His Sleeves!

Macfadyen as Agent Paradox in the MCUMacfadyen as Agent Paradox in the MCU
This trump card could be the enigmatic character of Paradox (portrayed by Matthew Macfadyen) in the upcoming film. Being a liaison to Deadpool, we see the hero fighting TVA agents later on in the film, so what is exactly going on?


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Well, Feige’s interview with Empire might have an answer to that question. Talking about Paradox, the Marvel president implied that there is something more than meets the eye.

“Deadpool is very intrigued by that, He learns soon thereafter that it’s not quite as simple an offer as he thought it was,”

Feige further added,

“And the stakes are universe-sized.”

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The character of Paradox works as a liaison to Deadpool (much like Mobius was to Loki). Paradox is a minor character in the Marvel Comics but it seems that he will have a much bigger role in the MCU. Potentially betraying Deadpool or trying to kill him for messing up the timeline, what we are sure about is that the chaos will not stop.


With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the lead roles, Deadpool & Wolverine is going to be a box-office-breaking film.

Reynolds and Jackman’s upcoming film is set for a release date of 26 July 2024 in theaters across the U.S.