A key character’s relevance to the plot might be too much for fans, especially in light of international events.

International Events May Have Forced Marvel to Change Captain America 4’s Most Controversial Superhero

Ruth Bet-Seraph, better known to comics fans as Sabra, is a character who is set to appear in Captain America: Brave New World. Sabra’s history in the comics has come to light thanks to her entry into the MCU, which has landed the film in some hot water. Sabra seems to be a character that is integral to the plot and is expected to stay in the film despite all the criticism that is being leveled at it.


Sabra, as she appears in Marvel ComicsSabra, as she appears in Marvel Comics
The role of Sabra is set to be essayed by Israeli actress Shira Hass, who will have a slightly tweaked storyline as compared to her comics. The character was largely defined by her connections to the Israeli government, and the types of characters that she fought in her career as a superhero. Marvel Studios released a statement, stating how the character will be changed to make her more palatable for audiences.

Sabra will be an agent of the United States in Captain America: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World Anthony Mackie

A scene from Captain America: Brave New World
In the comics, Sabra is an agent of Mossad, with intimate ties to the Israeli government. She was introduced in the comics in the 1980s. Sabra’s inclusion in the story created a lot of online backlash as soon as it was announced, given the history that the character has in the comics. It was often depicted that Sabra would encounter characters that reinforced harmful Arab stereotypes. This aspect of the character was considered a little too controversial by a host of entities online, given that this was announced the Israel-Palestine conflict was suffering a bout of renewed tensions.

There is still a vocal part of the fandom that would rather have her not be in the film, despite the changes made to the character. Rather than having links to Mossad, Sabra is set to be portrayed as an agent of the United States government and will remain a Jewish character. However, the discourse around the film has not changed in the least since this information came to light.

Captain America: Brave New World has been going through reshoots

Anthony Mackie's Captain AmericaAnthony Mackie’s Captain America
It was revealed in late 2023 that Captain America: New World Order was on its way to reshoots, as the test screenings were largely negative for the film. The dates of the film had been swapped around, with the film looking at a February 2025 release date. Before the film, the MCU will release just one movie in 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine.

Widespread speculation has enamored the film, with rumors talking about whether the reshoots are to replace the character of  Sabra from the film. However, it seems that this will not be the case and that the film will go ahead with its original plot, but with a focus on creating something that audiences enjoy.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be facing a tough time, but it seems that the franchise is on its way to getting back on track. While changing the narrative and the character might aid in reconstructing an inviting image for the film, it still might not sit well with audiences.