I was wrong: Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance isn’t fake. Apologies, you lovebirds

There was a moment after the AFC championship game when my world flipped on its head. That moment made me believe in love again. It was when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissed.

The kiss looked … real. The way a couple who know they have a future together kiss. It wasn’t PR or something phony. It wasn’t cooked in a lab by their agents.

They both, in that moment, seemed genuinely happy. I can’t believe I’m analyzing a kiss like I’m a teen back in the day reading Tiger Beat with Justin Bieber on the cover but here we are. They looked like a totally, wholly, magnificently legit couple.
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 'talk every day': He is 'completely smitten'  : r/TaylorSwift
They looked like they were wait…wait…hold on…in love?

Some of you Swifties will say: welcome to the party, idiot. Where have you been? Do you know where I’ve been? Have you seen this cynical, cruel world we live in, where people think Swift is a Pentagon psyop and a dude who has been indicted 812 times is still a viable Presidential candidate? That’s where I’ve been. Cynicism City. On the other side of the moon where it’s very dark and no one lives.

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