I пever kпew trυe happiпess υпtil the day the doctor placed yoυ iп my arms. Yoυ decorated my life aпd broυght so mυch joy aпd happiпess iпto it : Kylie Kelce reveled how Jasoп Kelce felt the day their first daυghter Wyatt was Borп

I Never Knew True Happiness Until The Day The Doctor Placed her in my arms, decorated my life and brought so much joy and happiness into it : Kylie Kelce reveled how Jason Kelce felt the day their first daughter Wyatt was Born



Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce are all about giving their kids a fun and functional place to explore their imaginations.



The Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, and his wife could be seen playing with their three girls — Bennett, 11 months, Elliotte, 2½, and Wyatt, 4 — enjoying their recently redesigned playroom, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.

The photos show the family having a blast in their upgraded space. Wyatt is laughing hard as she hugs the neck of a giant stuffed giraffe, while Jason is sporting an identical grin on the couch next to her.

Kylie tells PEOPLE exclusively, “Jason is emotionally and mentally present for his girls, and I think that’s so important.”


The NFL player is a very hands-on dad, as seen in another sweet photo where he enjoys a tea party with Ellie.

“The memories that we’re creating now are things that we’ll talk about later, the same way our parents tell stories about us now,” the mom of three shares. “We hope that this space allows for the girls to be a good team together.”

In other photos, Ellie peers in a basket full of picture books, with the family’s big book collection on display on the shelves, in the Cameron Cubby & Cabinet Wall System.

The family enjoys some reading time together in another shot, where they cuddle together on the couch while Jason and the older girls read one book and Kylie reads to Bennie, propped up on her lap.

“My hope for the three girls is that they get along for the most part, and that they recognize that family is everything,” Kylie tells PEOPLE, looking ahead at what the dynamic between the three girls will be like.

“It’s who you come home to,” she adds. “It’s home.

Both of the older girls cheer in another shot, where Jason sets up drawing paper for them.

Meanwhile, Bennie is enjoying exploring her own little corner of the playroom, standing at the pretend sink in the Chelsea All-in-1 Toddler Play Kitchen with Mom clapping at her pretend play.

“Family is everything. It’s really important to have this space feel cozy and comfortable. We feel like the items are made with such great quality, whether it’s storage, a bookshelf, or something great that will look amazing in the space but also be kid-durable,” Kylie said in a statement about the partnership.

“Shockingly enough we are big fans of green,” she joked. “This beautiful sage was able to be incorporated both in the kids’ kitchen, accent wall, and also in this awesome tree rug.”

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