Hot Mic Caught Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield Revealing His Free Agency Plans To Steve Young (VIDEO)

Baker Mayfield and Steve Young talking on "Up & Adams" on FanDuel.
A mic’d up Baker Mayfield inadvertently gave away his plans for 2024 NFL free agency while speaking to Hall of Famer Steve Young.

Mayfield and Young were having a casual conversation on the set of Kay Adams’ FanDuel Show, “Up & Adams.” While speaking to the two-time MVP and three-time Super Bowl champion, a mic’d up Mayfield could be heard dropping hints about his plans to return to Tampa Bay.


The 28-year-old signal-caller made a comment about the Bucs “getting some pieces back” and said “Yeah” following a comment from Young about how he was in the right spot:

After losing Tom Brady to retirement, the cap-strapped Bucs signed Mayfield to a one-year deal in 2023 free agency. The first overall pick of 2018 turned in a career year with 4,044 passing yards and 28 touchdowns against only 10 interceptions, leading the Bucs to a surprise NFC South division crown.

Mayfield and four-time Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings) are the top quarterbacks who could hit the open market if they aren’t extended. But judging by his comments to Young, Mayfield certainly doesn’t seem keen on hitting free agency whatsoever.

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