Henry Ruggs during pre-game warm up in 2020Henry Ruggs (via Getty Images)
Henry Ruggs was slated to be one of the best receivers in NFL history after being drafted in the first round of the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The then-21-year-old receiver was set up to have generational wealth if he stayed out of trouble.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be in the cards for the now-25-year-old’s future as he is currently serving a 3-to-10-year sentence for getting behind the wheel while drunk, speeding, and killing Las Vegas resident TIna Tintor and her beloved dog.

Most prisons have jobs that prisoners can do, and Ruggs’ extreme fall from grace has now officially been revealed, and his new salary has been made available to the public. Compared to what he could have had, it’s a very unfortunate circumstance.

Ruggs is considered a “low-risk inmate,” identified as a “community trusty,” and allowed to work in government offices for $2.50 an hour. He is currently said to be working at the Nevada Government Mansion doing basically all the housework, yard work, and manual labor.

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Henry Ruggs Is Currently Making $2.50 An Hour

Ruggs’ $2.50 an hour is a far cry from what he made throughout the first year of his rookie NFL contract, that being roughly $1.4 million a month, but considering where he is in his life now, he can’t really complain.

The former NFLer accumulated 469 receiving yards, two touchdowns, and 24 receptions through just seven games in his 2021 season, which was cut short by a terrible incident the young receiver had experienced.

While he may never sniff the NFL playing field again, we can only hope that he has learned from his mistakes and will never do anything nearly as reckless and dangerous when he is possibly released in three to ten years.