This Morning life coach Michelle Elman has opened up on her fiancé’s sordid hotel hook-up and learning that she’d been cheated on just 24 hours after getting engaged

Michelle Elman joined This Morning on Wednesday to explain why she won’t take back her cheating fiancé.

The This Morning life coach and author revealed to her followers earlier this week that she was splitting from her love rat fiancé after discovering he had cheated on her.

Michelle had lived with her fiancé, whose identity has been kept secret, for two years and they’d been together for three after meeting on a dating out. She discovered he had cheated on her just 24 hours after he proposed.

Speaking to This Morning hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard, Michelle explained: “He was with me when I got the first message saying, ‘Is this person your fiance?’ I thought it was a colleague, like this person knows you, and it took a while to figure out, my first reaction was shock.

“I was shaking and I kept saying please tell me first I don’t want to find out from her. Then it was screenshots of the dating profile and his number, I believed her from the get go, but I needed evidence.

“She told me the hotel, and I said put that in your email, and it came up, then he admitted it. This was meant to be the best weekend of my life.

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“I went to be with my sister for a week, I had a competition to see who could cry the loudest with my two year old niece. I won. I don’t want his identity to come out, it’s not a story about him it’s a story about me and women who have been cheated on.”

Michelle has kept her ex-fiancé’s identity a secret (


Michelle discovered the betrayal 24 hours after the proposal (
The life coach admitted she wouldn’t be able to face her family if she took him back and so there is no going back for her. She continued: “The lying is bigger than the cheating, and the nail in the coffin is 4am the next day I told my dad.

“You can’t come back from that. Also because he asked my dad for his blessing in September, and you really can’t come back from that. I don’t judge any woman who wants to stay and work it out, but you need the people in your life to also like him.”

Recalling how her relationship fell apart, Michelle said: “We got engaged on the Saturday. on the sunday, I got a message from a woman who had read all my books, she had taken all my advice, and she said, ‘hey, is this your fiance? And I ended up on the phone to her for an hour.

“They hadn’t been in a relationship, it was one night, he was on a dating app, and he was on a business trip. I spoke to him last night to give him a heads up about today. He said he loves me he wants me back, and he will do anything to the point where he said, ‘Go on air say whatever you need’. Ultimately he’s said ‘I’m so sorry.”