Although he could have scored a golden ticket to the MCU, it was only for the better that James Gunn turned down David Corenswet for this Marvel role!

"Glad he didn't get the part": James Gunn Rejected David Corenswet For a MCU Role Before Choosing Him to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

David Corenswet is one of the biggest hypes in the industry right now, and a major reason behind this is his perfect casting as the iconic Superman by James Gunn for his upcoming reboot of the DC Universe. But years before this Gunn-Corenswet collaboration for the DCU, there was a time when this pair almost got together for a project for another universe.


David Corenswet in Look Both Ways.David Corenswet in Look Both Ways.
Or, to be more precise, for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering how Corenswet auditioned for the star-studded role of Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. (Yes, those reports were actually true!) However, Gunn apparently rejected him for the role only to eventually choose him for the major protagonist of the movie that would kick-start his version of the DCU!

David Corenswet Previously Auditioned for Adam Warlock in GOTG 3

A few months ago back in November 2023, @JacobFisherDF on X had reported that “Corenswet taped for Adam Warlock for GOTG 3.” However, he had also mentioned back then that this was “just a fun fact that seems to be true but if it ain’t then oop!” Well, it seems it was all true, after all.

Adam Warlock in the comics.Adam Warlock in the comics.
This comes after recent revelations from none other than filmmaker and co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn himself, who was notably also the one at the helm of the masterpiece Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Recently, Gunn’s Threads handle (@jamesgunn) was met with a fan question that partially read: “Is it true that David [Corenswet] auditioned for Adam Warlock?” Answering this question with the utmost honesty, he said:

“I asked him about it and he said he did so I believe him, but I don’t remember it.”

Will Poulter as Warlock.Will Poulter as Warlock in GOTG 3.

So David Corenswet did, in fact, audition to play Warlock?! That’s incredibly cool, and needless to say, the 30-year-old Hollywood hotshot could have totally nailed it as Adam in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, had Gunn decided to cast him.


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However, the 57-year-old genius seems to have something else in mind, considering how he ended up casting Will Poulter in the role instead (who absolutely killed it as well). And judging from how the events eventually unfolded ever since, it feels like it was all for the better.

Fans are Happy James Gunn Rejected David Corenswet for Adam Warlock

James Gunn. | Credit: Wikimedia Commons.James Gunn. | Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
While Corenswet could have unarguably given a breathtaking performance as Adam, that wasn’t quite the cape he was supposed to don. Instead, something much greater was written for him, and the cape made for him was the one that Henry Cavill previously sported in the SnyderVerse.
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Thus, everything seems to have played out for the better for The Politician actor, with him finally landing where he always deserved to be, considering how he eventually scored the role of Superman in Gunn’s upcoming DCU film of the same name.


Superman logo posted by James Gunn (Instagram |Logo for Corenswet’s Superman posted by Gunn (Instagram | @jamesgunn).
Adding to this is the fact that Corenswet would ostensibly be starring in better VFX and flying scenes in his film as Clark Kent as compared to what was used in GOTG 3 for Adam. As per what Gunn shared while answering a similar fan question:

“What we’re doing now for flying is much more complex than what was done for AW.”

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Keeping all of these updates in mind, it genuinely feels like it was only for the finest that Corenswet was turned down for the role of Adam! And the best part is that fans feel the same way, judging from their reactions to this news on X:

In recent news, it was revealed that David Corenswet auditioned for the role of Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Honestly, I feel like it would have been a better pick, but now David is our next Superman, so, we won! #GOTGVol3 #SupermanLegacy #ComissionsOpen

— Laura Greek (@Xwing_45) November 10, 2023



I’m happy he Superman

— EThan (@Ethan68785458) November 7, 2023


And James said, na not this I have a bigger one for you

— AJN (@Ajalnadh) November 7, 2023


Glad he didn’t get the part. He was made for Superman

— what it do (@DaBatman7) April 20, 2024



Thank God cause that was stiff

— Nephil_Him (@Nephil_Him) April 21, 2024


David Now after Getting superman role

— Juriel (@cinemalova) April 21, 2024


Well, for what it’s worth, whoever said that everything happens for the better was only right, especially for someone like David Corenswet!


You can stream Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on Disney+ while Superman is set for a release date of the 11th of July, 2025.