Fans were thrilled by the appearance of Harrison Ford as the Red Hulk in the new alleged promotional poster, as it finally resolves the Mark Ruffalo issue.

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Fans have been speculating about Harrison Ford’s possible debut as the Red Hulk in the upcoming Captain America movie for some time now. The excitement skyrocketed a few months back when a leaked photo from the set showcased Ford in torn oversized jeans. The Red Hulk has now again taken the internet by storm when an alleged sneak peek animation for the film surfaced online, seemingly confirming fans’ hopes.


Mark Ruffalo as HulkMark Ruffalo in Avengers: Endgame
Additionally, viewers have longed to witness a genuinely ruthless angry giant Hulk on screen for years now, and this Red Hulk can give the fans exactly that.

New Alleged Promotional Poster for Captain America: Brave New World Features Red Hulk

Excitement among fans has surged with the release of alleged leaked promotional art featuring the Red Hulk from the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World. While the artwork isn’t entirely clear, it provides a much-needed glimpse into Brave New World’s portrayal of General President Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, played by Harrison Ford, and his transformation. The initial post came from a reliable insider, @CanWeGetToast on his Patreon.

While Harrison Ford’s role in the movie was confirmed, his transformation into the Red Hulk has been a mystery that neither of the parties involved are talking about. However, the new leaked promotional art appears to confirm this change and how. The picture does look promising, and fans are hoping the film will also be such a journey.
Harrison Ford in ShrinkingHarrison Ford in Shrinking
More recently, the first official stills from the movie were released, showcasing Anthony Mackie as the returning Sam Wilson, now wielding Steve Rogers’ iconic vibranium shield. These images suggest a meeting between Wilson and Ross, where Ross tasks Wilson with the mission of reassembling The Avengers.


‘Captain America 4’ Plot Rumors Hint Marvel May Be Moving Away from Formulaic Storyline, Mimics DC’s Darker Tone With Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk
In footage shown at CinemaCon, Ross welcomes Wilson to the White House to commend his past heroism. However, chaos ensues when music triggers sleeper agent assassins, including Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley, who attempt to assassinate the President. Now, a leaked animation hints at an enraged Red Hulk. It’s nothing but a waiting game now to see how this all plays out.

Red Hulk Appearance in Brave New World Delights Fans, Seemingly Addresses Mark Ruffalo Issue

Mark Ruffalo stands out as one of the kindest actors in Hollywood. Despite the Hulk’s character requiring tap into a certain darkness and anger, Ruffalo approached it uniquely. While the Hulk could be ruthless, Ruffalo crafted a character with emotional depth.

Drawing inspiration from the original TV series starring Bill Bixby, Ruffalo perceived the Hulk as a misunderstood figure. Thus, he opted for a portrayal that showcased a multi-layered, emotionally complex man-beast. At his core, the Hulk is a decent individual but struggles with serious anger management issues.


Edward Norton in and as The Incredible Hulk
While Edward Norton leaned towards total destruction, fans seemed to prefer the Hulk in that vein. Although they don’t intend to discredit Ruffalo’s efforts, a touch of violence is almost expected with the Hulk.
Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk Reportedly Will Play a Major Role in Forming the Next Avengers Team After Robert Downey Jr’s MCU Death

So, when fans finally see a big, angry red giant, they’re thrilled. Here’s what they have to say about the situation.



Fans are undoubtedly thrilled and eagerly await further updates. While the authenticity of the image remains unconfirmed, fans are nonetheless very excited about the prospect of seeing Ross transform into the Red Hulk.

Captain America: Brave New World will be released in theaters on February 14, 2025.