LeBron James sitting next to Savannah JamesLeBron James (Photo via @SpeakContext/Twitter)
Lebron James’ wife, Savannah, left fans speculating after a recent appearance with the NBA star.

LeBron and Savannah are constantly praised for their relationship dynamics, especially since the former has maintained a squeaky-clean reputation throughout his career.

However, folks have noticed that there are always some strange interactions taking place when she’s around nowadays, with the latest occurring while LBJ was dapping up Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine at a recent game.

The video below shows LaVine approaching James and greeting him with a bro handshake while Savannah avoids even looking in his direction, staring straight ahead, and instead icily at that.

LaVine then walks right past her without acknowledgment before greeting Anthony Davis. Check it out:

“its not that how you gonna dap up Lebron and not say hello or even an hi to his wife and she sitting right there and Lebron ain’t even said you ain’t seen my wife bruh or she gave him the excuse me you don’t see me look,” another wondered.

Check out some more reactions below:

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LeBron James Has Fans Angry After Getting Caught Streaming NBA Game Illegally

Meanwhile, another recent appearance from LeBron James has led to him getting dragged online as someone caught the veteran star using StreamEast to watch a playoff game while at his son Bryce’s game.

Lebron could well afford a League Pass subscription but is also notoriously cheap when it comes to paying for online content. We can’t be sure he even has Netflix.

Fans were not happy about the fact that he’s brought attention to the site as they’re worried it might get shut down now.

Thanks a lot, LeBron…