The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer seemingly confirmed this entity’s presence that even Kang fears, as depicted in Loki, much to the delight of audiences.

Even Jonathan Majors’ Kang is Scared of a Marvel Villain Seemingly Confirmed in Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

The 159-second Deadpool & Wolverine trailer contained a plethora of minute details that fans could easily overlook. All in all, the trailer had everything fans needed, and even things they didn’t think they needed. One such easter egg, hiding in plain sight, was seemingly Alioth, whom fans became more familiar with in the Loki series. Although not confirmed this surprise appearance in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has fans excited. What could this mean?


Alioth Alioth in Loki

Who is the Entity that Even Kang Fears, Alioth?

If one were under the impression that Kang had mastered all the intricacies there is about time, they would be mistaken. Alioth was the first entity to transcend temporal boundaries. And commands an empire surpassing Kang’s in both scale and duration, spanning billions of years prior to humanity’s inception.

This cosmic entity is one of the most powerful being making even the toughest characters in Marvel nervous. While traditionally depicted as a distinct entity in comic lore, the MCU establishes Alioth as a variant of Kang.

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The Council of Kangs made up of different versions of Kang from across different universes, as per MCU are really scared of Alioth for obvious reasons. Due to its capability to disrupt the very fabric of time itself, they understood that Alioth represented a force beyond their control, despite their collective might and mastery over time.
Alioth Alioth in Loki
In the comics, Kang set up a barrier to keep Alioth out of his turf, but when Kang was almost done, Ravonna took charge. She accidentally set Alioth loose, threatening Kang’s old territory and other time zones. With help from Revelation, they revived Kang, who gave the Avengers a weapon against Alioth called the Chrono Key. Tempus, released inside Alioth, matched its power, trapping them in endless combat.

Later, Kang, to keep his rivals busy, weakened Tempus, letting Alioth break free and invade other timelines.


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Although Alioth, appears as a colossal cloud, it’s no weaky, it can wreck everything in its path. It absorbs time travelers, grows in size, and spreads across dimensions. It also blocks time travel, making it impossible to go back before its existence.

Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Seemingly Confirmed Alioth’s Appearance!

In the latest Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman‘s Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, fans went wild when a big purple fog rolled in, sparking speculation about the return of Alioth, that giant cloud creature from Loki.


The new trailer showing a quick glimpse of the monstrous fog engulfing everything below seemingly confirms its presence. And if one were to look closely, they can also spot its fiery, skull-like face peeking out. Well, that was the creature’s sole appearance, the supposed Alioth lookalike makes several dramatic appearances throughout the trailer, suggesting whatever that entity might be its presence will play a significant role in the movie. Each glimpse of the creature builds anticipation and speculation among the fans, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Alioth in Deadpool & Wolverine trailerAlioth in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer
Although many think this might be a different Alioth from the one fans saw in Loki. Many also claim otherwise, although its ties to the Fox Universe make things a bit uncertain. Despite all this, it seems like the fans are in for a wild ride without a whole lot of villains causing chaos in the Deadpool & Wolverine world.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release on July 26, 2024.