Wolverine’s daughter, Rien has the genes to become one of the most overpowered Marvel characters.

Even Deadpool & Wolverine Can't Feature Logan's Most Overpowered Daughter Blessed With Magic: It's Not Dafne Keen's X-23

X-Men is one of Marvel’s most popular superhero teams. The team arguably comes 2nd in popularity right after The Avengers as the latter has gained a lot of admiration and acclaim since their live-action adaptation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Deadpool & WolverineDeadpool & Wolverine will probably miss out on this one iconic character | Source: Deadpool & Wolverine
Wolverine is arguably one of the most popular X-Men characters and the character is all set to make his MCU debut later this year in the highly anticipated movie, Deadpool & Wolverine. However, it is still highly unlikely that we will be seeing Logan on the big screen with his daughter, Rien.

Reine du Rien: Wolverine’s overpowered daughter

Over the years, we have seen many powerful X-Men characters in various series and movies. However, there are still many X-Men characters that have still not been introduced to either animated franchises or live actions. And, Wolverine’s overpowered daughter, Reine du Rien is one of them.

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In an alternate reality, Wolverine and the sorceress Sylvie D’Arqueness have a daughter together, Rien who has both her mother’s magic abilities and Logan’s bone claws and rapid healing factor. Rien was also believed to be the planet’s last line of defense against the demon known as Truth who was brought forth into the world by Sylvie D’Arqueness’ mother, Marie D’Arqueness.

After avoiding Wolverine for years, Rien finally revealed herself when Truth killed off Cyclops, Storm, and Talisman in his battle against the X-Men. As a result, Wolverine decided to team up with his daughter and they both went to hell looking to end Truth once and for all. While in hell, they run into Sylvie D’Arqueness who was captured and tortured by Truth for years.
Wolverine and RienWolverine and Rien decide to face off together against Truth | Source: Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 3) #7
While getting overwhelmed by the Truth, the trio decided to fall back and escape to the past to World War 2. Truth pursues the trio to the past where he ends up facing off against a past version of himself. After a decisive battle with many twists and turns, Sylvie D’Arqueness and Logan decide to sacrifice themselves to entrap Truth in hell forever.


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With the demon, Truth now gone for good, Rien was left in the past where she went on to meet the past version of Logan and revealed herself to be his daughter.

X-23 was introduced in the series X-Men: Evolution

Laura Kinney is the real name of the mutant X-23 that Dr. Zander Rice created to be the perfect killing machine. X-23 has dual adamantium claws in both her palms and advanced regenerative healing much like her adoptive father, Wolverine.

X-23’s character history is exactly like the famous character of Harley Quinn, who was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series first and later made her debut in the comics. Similarly, X-23 was introduced in Marvel’s animated series, X-Men: Evolution before the character made her debut in the comics.


Dafne Keen as X-23X-23 has also made her debut in live-action | Source: Logan
Craig Kyle was initially thinking of turning Wolverine into a younger version of himself for the series X-Men: Evolution but eventually decided against it. He realized that Wolverine is just a perfect character the way he is and decided to make a younger version of the mutant which would be much different from him in terms of personality. In an interview with IF Magazine, Craig Kyle opened up about how he created the character of X-23, and said,

“I took a look at Wolverine. Every time he went right, I made a left. Instead of a guy who is older than we know, I made a girl who is very young. Instead of a man who has no memory of his past, you have someone who is shackled to the murders she’s committed. Unlike a guy who had a life before it and lost it, I made her a girl whose never known anything but it.

X-23 also made her debut in the live-action universe of X-Men in the movie Logan. The role of the young mutant was portrayed by the actress, Dafne Keen in the movie.

Logan was a massive commercial success as the movie went on to gross almost $620 million against a production budget of $127 million. The movie also largely received positive reviews from fans and critics upon its release.


X-Men: Evolution and Logan are currently streaming on Disney+.