Claudia Winkleman is back hosting popular music talent show The Piano on Channel 4 and in a first clip from the show, has revealed a jaw-dropping change. Well, sort of…

Claudia Winkleman has revealed a potentially jaw-dropping change to popular Channel 4 talent show, The Piano, which she hosted for the first season and is back for more in a second series.

The 52-year-old TV presenter appears in a teaser clip from the new series of The Piano, which unearths talented musicians from across the country, and announced an incredible change to the format before revealing that all is not what it seems, even if the idea would be quite joyful.

In the clip, Claudia is seen talking to the camera while at Victoria Station in London, as she introduces the first episode of the new series of the Channel 4 show. She said: “So, we are back on a quest to find more brilliantly talented musicians that means, brand new stations, a brand new concept, and, why not, a brand new instrument, welcome to The Harmonica…”

Claudia Winkleman reveals jaw-dropping shakeup on popular C4 show – but there’s a catch
While this would be an interesting twist on the format, Claudia was quick to follow the announcement by admitting that there is a catch. She continued: “I’m joking, it’s still a piano… but it would be good.”

The beloved Traitors and Strictly presenter is hosting a new series of Channel 4’s music competition The Piano, in which she, Mika and Láng Lang set off to find the best amateur piano player in the country. The winner will play at the Royal Festival Hall.

Claudia Winkleman speaks with The Piano judges, Mika and Lang Lang
The Sun has reported that in a first look at the new series, the show’s judges broke their own rules by revealing themselves to one of those showing their talents and begging them to play a different song. Mika and Láng Lang are not meant to come into contact with those showing off their talents on the piano but there is a moment at Manchester Piccadilly when they decide to intervene.

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Mika tells Claudia that the pianist has not reached their full potential because they played the wrong song and called for help to track down the top amateur player as they disappear into the crowds at the station. Mika insists that if they played a different song, there would be a chance that the musician could show their true potential.

Mika is seen saying before heading off into the crowd: “I’ll ask her! Take me down to her and I’ll talk to her.” A surprised Claudia turns to the camera and beckons it to follow, saying in the process: “Everything has gone rogue!”