Chris Brown Reveals Diddy Tried FORCING His Way “INSIDE HIM”

And then, uh, the funniest part, like I, a lot of people don’t know didy, turn me down, see that.

Look, that was because everyone knew it wasn’t standard practice for Diddy to let people go so easily.

How do I know this?

Here’s what someone with experience said: who they date these artists?

They, they, they.

They give them Transformers, so you go, so they get high, they get intoxicated and they have Trans Yo.

And then these are the rapper own words.

This is for them underground mother that like it real, real, dirty and like it hard pause.

That was a crazy one.

What am I?

What am I doing?

I mean here’s what he did to his own girlfriend.

Real name is sea comes.

The woman who was his girlfriend for years says she was actually a victim ofing plied with drugs and forced to have with multiple men in the world.

Today, several people preach about giving others the benefit of the doubt and not dealing with those people based on what others have said about them.

In most cases I would agree with this point of view, but as with all things in life, there are always exceptions, and Diddy seems to be the one exception to this rule here.

I say this because there is almost no other artist who has been caught in several different kinds of accusations from so many people as Diddy has.

At first, the stories were that he took advantage of any and everyone around him.

Then it became that he allegedly attacked women in his life from time to time.

These days, however, the stories about Diddy are more focused on his seexual preferences, and it seems Chris Brown might be the latest celebrity with a Diddy might be gay story.

Naturally, Chris Brown isn’t really the first person you’d think would be involved in a gay story, because, besides the fact that he’s repeatedly made the headlines for his involvement and arguable promiscuity with women, he’s also pretty hardcore.

So he doesn’t exactly fit the profile of who you’d expect to be caught up in Diddy’s allegedly very gay web, but the truth is that these men’s paths have crossed long before they both became some of the biggest names in the industry.

Well, Diddy was at the time.

The singer behind iffy spoke about how he almost signed with bad boy Diddy’s record label, but in an unexpected twist of fate, Diddy turned him down.

Of course, seeing as breezy is easily one of the most successful singers from the last decade and more, you’re probably wondering how he could have been turned down by anyone, let alone Diddy turns out.

The Mogul and at the time talent scout might have wanted inappropriate relations with Chris Brown, but it doesn’t get incredibly messed up till you find out that brown was actually only 12 years old.

Would you ever send your kid to puffy Camp hell, no bad, as the whole thing already looked.

There is also the part of Diddy saying he used to get up together with Usher and have a fight with the singer.

What’s more, he also said they would continue to fight anytime over Frosty flakes, even though he is now over 50 while Usher is in his 40s.

Like Usher, almost everyone that was around Diddy seemed to have felt the rapper’s wrath in the worst possible way, and this was also the story of his then famed assistant, Fonsworth Bentley.

It all started with an umbrella in the early 2000s.

Derek Watkins famously became known as Fonsworth Bentley, a play on the character botney Lee Farnsworth from The 1975 film.

Let’s do it again after assuming the role of an umbrella toing full-time Butler for multi-million doll producer Sha Diddy Combs.

Concubine because at the time of Bentley’s employment under Diddy, the rapper had been in a couple of relationships, one of which was with Kim Porter and another with Cassandra Ventura, speaking of which Ventura, who many know as Cassie, recently broke the internet after she named the Mogul and assault her.

A lawsuit filed against Sha Diddy comes, accuses the music performer and executive of physical abuse and per the news, the prod producer and music mogul, who has been one of the most famous names in hip-hop for decades, was sued in federal court by Cassie 2 weeks ago, an RnB singer, once signed to his label, who accused Diddy of R and repeated physical a over about a decade.

In the suit filed in federal district court in Manhattan, Cassie, who had long been Diddy’s romantic partner, said that not long after she met him in 2005, when she was 19, he began a pattern of control and abuse that included plying her with drugs, beating her and forcing her to have S with a succession of male Pro while he filmed the Encounters.

In 2018, the suit says near the end of their relationship, Diddy forced his way into her home and red her.

After years in silence and darkness, Miss Ventura said in a statement- I am finally ready to tell my story and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships- turns out that the dark incidents Cassie had described- involving other alleged to to have been organized by Bentley who, when Diddy didn’t get his way with Cassie, bore the burnt of it, if you know what I mean.

Outside of Cassie, there are also tales that Diddy had attacked the late Kim Porter after she allegedly caught him in a compromising position with Bentley while they were on a trip to St trapz.

From the looks of things, only Bentley can truly tell the world if Diddy was really a monster to him and other people around when he worked under him.

But from the looks of things from the outside, everyone can see Diddy’s true color already.

Even the fans agree with this perspective, with one user writing.

While we’re on the subject of Diddy, I know Fonsworth, Bentley knows and may experience some things.

Obviously the roof is caving in and the walls are closing in on Diddy, so how long do you think it will take till he’s officially exposed?

That’s it for this video.


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