Celebrity Big Brother star reignites house feud calling ‘game-playing’ Fern Britton ‘silly’ after Nikita Kuzmin row

CELEBRITY Big Brother star Lauren Simon has defended Nikita Kuzmin after his bizarre in-house feud with Fern Britton.

The Strictly Come Dancing star, 26, and former This Morning host, 66, clashed in the house in a strange ‘ageism’ row that both viewers and Nikita himself struggled to understand.

Lauren Simon feels Nikita Kuzmin was hard done by in the CBB house
Lauren Simon feels Nikita Kuzmin was hard done by in the CBB houseCredit: Splash

Real Housewives Lauren had an epic welcome back party this week
Real Housewives Lauren had an epic welcome back party this weekCredit: Splash

Fern Britton felt Nikita was big competition, according to Lauren
Fern Britton felt Nikita was big competition, according to LaurenCredit: Eroteme
Lauren, 52, was second to leave the house and wasn’t present for the fallout, however, she watched the row at home like the rest of the nation and has had her say.

Though she signed up to try and win, the increasingly tense atmosphere ahead of the final made Lauren glad she didn’t reach the final stages of the competition.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, she said: “I probably could have stayed a few more days, but I don’t think I could have done the three weeks, is the truth.

“Maybe I would have got more into it, but I just thought when I’ve seen the end bit. I just think that’s when the games really started, and I’m not a game player.

“I am so straightforward, and I’m so straight-talking, and I couldn’t possibly have caused a situation to make myself look better or worse.

“And I saw, like Nikita, he didn’t deserve what Fern did to him.

“He’s such a nice boy. I think it was a bit silly that.”

Nikita asked Fern if they were having “beef?” after she told him that her brain was still on his level despite her advanced years and hinted they only got on when they played games.

Confirming she thought Fern was being mean on purpose, Lauren said: “Yeah because he was always gonna be her competition to win, cause he was up there from the beginning.

“But you know, anyway, I kind of feel that you could see towards the end they wanted to win, and there was a bit more tension between everyone, plus they were also all tired.”

Earlier this week Lauren filmed fun scenes for her reality show the Real Housewives of Cheshire, which saw her arrive at a party in her honour inside a huge pink wheelie bin.

Real reason for Fern and Nikita’s Celebrity Big Brother feud revealed – as she confronts Strictly star tonight
It was a nod to her time in the house when she and Louis Walsh, 71, were made to stand in a similar bin after discussing nominations.

Lauren loved being back around her castmates and friends, who were all supportive of her stint in the house.

She said: “Oh, it was just such an amazing, amazing party. It’s been really exciting that the Real Housewives have been able to follow the story of Big Brother with us both being on ITV.

“I hadn’t seen the girls for absolutely ages. I mean it feels like a lifetime in fairness, and they put me in a bin and I came out with all the sparkles and the dances, and it was really glitzy and glamorous, exactly how you imagine a Real Housewives of Cheshire party to be. Really fun! It was also great to have my daughter with me too.”

Lauren’s ‘bin mate’ Louis Walsh wasn’t there but they have swapped numbers and will be in touch.

Not everyone was lucky enough to get the Irishman‘s digits, but Lauren and him struck up a good relationship in the house.

Lauren said: “I mean, that was a real friendship. He was a mentor, but he was more like a father figure to me, you know.

“I lost my father three years ago, and Louis has got the same naughty sense of humour my dad had. He said what he wants said, but with a smile, so you could never really get upset with them.

“Me and Louis just hit it off from the beginning, and he did give me his number. Which is interesting because now they’ve all been texting me for Louis’ number.”

Among those who have asked for Louis’ number is stage star Marisha Wallace, who Lauren said might be trying to do some “social climbing”.

So what’s next for Lauren?

She said: “For myself, I wanted to have fun, make friends, but ultimately I do want other shows. I wanna work in the TV world. I’d love my own show. I’ve always said I wanted Lollies Hollies. I’ve said it for years. I’d love to have like a celebrity travel agent where I take other celebrities on holiday to where maybe they’ve got a home.

“You know, I’ve got a home range. I’d like to do more business things, you know. I wanted to have a perfume. I’d like to bring that all out.”

Admitting she took part in CBB to further her career, she made it clear she didn’t need any help to boost her social status.

She continued: “I’m not a social climber, so I got friends with who I got friendly with, who I gravitated to and had fun with.

“I’m a little bit older. I’ve never been a social climber. It’s not my thing. I’m hanging around with the creme de la creme, do I really need to social climb?”

Nikita 'didn't deserve' to be dragged into a row, Lauren said
Nikita ‘didn’t deserve’ to be dragged into a row, Lauren saidCredit: Eroteme

Lauren swapped numbers with Louis Walsh
Lauren swapped numbers with Louis WalshCredit: Eroteme

Lauren was the second housemate to be evicted
Lauren was the second housemate to be evictedCredit: Rex

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