Carmelo Anthony Speaks Out After Reports Claim He's Cheating On La La |  iHeart

Lala Anthony and Kelly Rowland are clearly the best of friends that speak openly and honestly about whatever is on their mind.

Just this week, the two women were on Instagram Live in front of thousands of people talking about an assortment of topics when the conversation shifted to which sexual position they preferred.

“Hit it from the back, or missionary?”

LaLa likes it from behind.

“Missionary is and can be boring as hell. If you only do missionary then I’m going to consider you a very lazy person.”

LaLa went on to state how much she likes a man to show public displays of affection or is a closet freak.

“I’m a cancer and we’re super affectionate and I definitely love when someone isn’t afraid to show their affection and love no matter who’s around.”
Here’s that video: