Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are turning up the heat with their latest release, “Bongos.” The track, which debuted on Friday, brings a fresh dose of summer vibes just in time for September. The music video is a visual feast, featuring bold fashion and lively scenes.

One standout moment shows Cardi B showing off her moves in a bikini crafted from braided red hair. Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion relaxes by the beach in a striking red swimsuit and a feathered hat, exuding confidence and style. This collaboration between the two artists is sure to make waves!

Cardi B’s red braidkini perfectly complements her long raven hair as she dances inside a refrigerator to cool off in the music video for “Bongos.” The stunning parade of bold and revealing outfits styled by Kollin Carter has made a big impact on social media.

Twitter users were quick to notice the unique hairy moment, celebrating Cardi’s fashion choice. They tweeted about her bikini being fringed with braids, with one user exclaiming, “And Cardi in this braid bikini???! BUNDLES.” This vibrant and innovative style has definitely caught the attention of fans online.

Cardi B twerked inside of a refrigerator while wearing a hair bikini in her new “Bongos” music video.

The “I Like It” rapper dropped it low while wearing the swim set that matched her hairstyle.

Fans have been buzzing about Cardi B’s inventive “hairkini” on social media. In one eye-catching scene from the “Bongos” music video, Cardi, 30, twerks on a colorful couch while wearing a matching plunging bodysuit and head wrap with a bold red visor.

On Instagram, Cardi shared a scene with Megan Thee Stallion lounging on the beach in matching strappy red bikinis, playfully asking her followers, “Is everybody doing alright?”

One enthusiastic fan responded, “Everything is perfect. Everyeffingthing!!!,” while another cheered, “YES! EAT! SLAY! REPEAT!”

Even critics of the song couldn’t deny the music video’s striking visuals, describing it as over-the-top yet stunning.

The “Jealousy” rapper’s purple plunging bikini paired with towering orange strappy heels made a splash.carolinholzhuber/Instagram

Cardi teased her followers with a short clip of both women in matching red bikinis.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion showcase an array of colorful outfits and wigs in the “Bongos” music video, styled by Kollin Carter. Fans on Twitter reacted enthusiastically to Cardi’s performance, especially when she dropped it low in custom Carolin Holzhuber extra-high heels made specifically for the video.

One Twitter user asked, “Ok, Bongos where Cardi is in those huge orange heels. Is she or is she not giving Fran Drescher / The Nanny vibes?” Another fan wondered, “How does Cardi manage to stay upright in those sky-high heels?”

A third fan marveled at her striking look, asking, “Why does this outfit steal the spotlight in the whole music video?” The response was overwhelmingly positive, with Cardi’s bold style choices captivating audiences.

Fans loved the “Bongos” visuals, but some had issues with the song. iamcardib/Instagram

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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion previously teamed up in 2020 for the mega-hit “WAP,” known for its equally colorful music video and cameo from Kylie Jenner in a leopard-print bodysuit. Fans on Twitter praised the vibrant looks, declaring, “Cardi B has the best visuals in the industry and nobody can ever deny it.”

As Cardi continues to share her DIY hair treatments on social media, fans are speculating that her next bold fashion statement might involve outfits crafted from her own hair. With Cardi’s track record for pushing boundaries and Megan’s dynamic presence, their future collaborations are sure to be just as visually striking and exciting.