NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell looks on. The league recently announced the release date for the 2024 NFL Schedule.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)
At long last, we finally know when the 2024 NFL schedule will be released.

The league used to release the NFL schedule in April, but beginning in 2020, the release date was pushed back to early May. According to Garland Gillen of FOX 8, the NFL will release the 2024 schedule next Thursday (time to be announced).

On Friday, the official NFL X/Twitter account dropped a preview of the 2024 schedule release. But they didn’t offer a specific date, only noting at the end of the video that the release is “Coming in May.”

What we do know is that, per NFL tradition, the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs will again host the Kickoff Game. That contest will be held Arrowhead Stadium on Sept. 5, with the Chiefs’ opponent to be announced.

Then on Sept. 6, the Green Bay Packers will face the Philadelphia Eagles in São Paulo, Brazil as part of the league’s International Series. This will be the first NFL game to take place in Brazil, with Philly being designated as the home team.

And as always, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys will each host a Thanksgiving Day game. The NFL runs three Thanksgiving Day contests each year, and they usually switch up the teams and venue for the third and final contest.

Games To Circle On The 2024 NFL Schedule

There’s a long list of enticing games that you’ll want to mark on your calendar upon the 2024 NFL schedule release.

The most exciting contest by far is the Kansas City Chiefs-San Francisco 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium. This will be a rematch of their thrilling Super Bowl 59 showdown in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, with Kansas City won in OT. Speaking of the Chiefs, they’ll play the entire AFC North division which featured four teams with winning records last year.

The 49ers will host the Detroit Lions in a 2023 NFC Championship Game rematch that might also serve as a preview to next year’s conference title game. And finally, how about the third installment of the “Harbaugh Bowl”, with John’s Baltimore Ravens set to visit Jim’s Los Angeles Chargers?