Breaking news : Simone Biles Teary-eyed , Heartbroken and felt cheated as Jonathan Owens reportedly Impregnated a model from Ohio


Simone Biles made a heart-felt and light-hearted apology to one of her friends after the gymnastics star fell asleep at her wedding by as early as 22:30.


The celebration of marriage for Ali Tyler, which took place on New Year’s Eve, was attended by the 26-year-old Olympic gold medallist, but she found herself struggling to keep her eyes open as 2023 came to a close.

Her friend, Kayla Simone, caught her in the act and teased her on Instagram by posting a photo of Biles captioned, “Not this b**ch inviting me to fly cross country for a NYE wedding, only for her to be asleep before 10.30pm.”

Biles then reposted the story via Instagram’s stories feature to apologise with a caption of, “I am soooooo sorry,” with a laughing emoji.

For the event the woman, married to the Green Bay Packers’ Jonathan Owens, wore a long satin green dress with two silver bracelets and a silver necklace as she posed for some photos with her friends on her own account captioned, “Ringing in the New Year.”

Biles: Stop mentioning my name

After previously supporting her husband, Owens, after he said he didn’t know her before they met and that he considers himself the catch of their relationship, Biles has given a “drop it” warning to those using her name in the dispute.

The athlete reposted a message that said, “STOP BRINGING ME UP” on Instagram with 14 laughing emojis and some extra words of. “work on that for the new year”.

Biles issued a vote of confidence previously by laughing when he made the comments on The Pivot podcast and again by posting photos of them from their wedding in April 2023, asserting that she’s very much in love with him and doesn’t care about what the NFL player said.