Cardi B took to Instagram Live to share her reaction to Chris Brown’s recent diss against Quavo in his new track “Weakest Link.” During her stream, Cardi B made it clear that she has no reason to start drama, but things are about to get heated. “Things are about to get real,” she said.

Fans quickly picked up on her comments, with some speculating that she might drop a diss track herself. The backstory involves a past incident where Chris Brown had made a jab at Offset, Cardi B’s husband, implying he would send flowers to Cardi B to show respect. This remark was a response to Offset’s criticism, with Chris Brown calling him out for his attitude. Chris Brown’s words were aggressive, mentioning that people should stop worrying about others’ opinions and handle their own business.

While many thought Chris Brown’s new track was aimed at Quavo, others wondered how Cardi B got involved. Despite all the speculation, Cardi B’s stance seems clear: she’s ready to address anyone who brings her into the drama.

The situation has caused quite a stir on social media, with fans sharing their thoughts and reactions. However, at the end of the day, Cardi B wished everyone involved well, stating that it’s all love and nothing personal. She signed off by encouraging everyone to stay positive and keep things lighthearted.

The entire episode has left many wondering if there will be more drama or if everyone will let it go and move on. Only time will tell, but Cardi B’s message is one of readiness and not backing down from a fight if it’s brought to her door.