BREAKING: Detroit Lions Revealed Massive Announcement For The 2024 Season

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell speaks at a press conference.(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
The Detroit Lions had a major announcement this week.

The Lions will be unveiling their new uniforms next month, according to team president Rod Wood.

According to Lions president and CEO Rod Wood, the team will officially drop the uniforms sometime before the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit at the end of April.
“We’ll be rolling them out probably just before the draft,” Wood said at the owners’ meetings Tuesday, via Detroit News. “I think everybody will be excited about it. I’m not going to tease it too much, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It was a multi-year process that Brian (Facchini) and Mike Disner really led, worked with Nike and the league, and I think the fans are going to be really excited about it.”

This will be Detroit’s first uniform makeover since they debuted their current design in 2017, which has an all-gray color palette. Every five years, NFL teams are permitted to completely redesign their uniforms; however, the Lions needed a few more years to perfect the look.

The Lions released an alternate, blue helmet last offseason. It’s only eligible to be paired with the team’s alternate jersey which was the previously mentioned all-gray setup.

Even though the current Lions uniforms were widely welcomed upon their debut in 2017, a number of grievances have been raised during the course of the previous seven seasons. The all-gray “pajama pants” uniforms have outlived their usefulness and don’t go well with the new alternate helmet that was released last year. The gray outline of the gray numerals has occasionally made it difficult to read.

Wood wouldn’t provide many details on what to expect from the new uniforms, only saying that he believes Lions fans will be happy with what they decided to come up with. He did, however, drop a small nugget regarding the William Clay Ford patch that had previously been on the uniforms.
“We’re going to treat that in a little different way,” Wood said. “I’m not going to tease exactly how it is. It’s going to be honored, but not in the same way it was on the current uniforms.

Detroit Lions Hoping To Have Yet Another Deep Playoff Run That Gets Them To The Super Bowl Aftr 2023 Heartbreaker

The Detroit Lions were the darlings of the playoffs last year as they won their first playoff game in 32 years and made it to the NFC Championship game as well.

Squandering away a 24-7 lead ended what should’ve been a victory that propelled them to the Super Bowl and the team is hoping they can get back there to finish what they started.

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