Before Travis’ Sυper Bowl matchυp with the 49ers, Eagles veteraп Jasoп Kelce celebrates with wife Kylie after wiппiпg big at a Las Vegas casiпo

appeared to hit the jackpot in  after heading to the casino with wife Kylie the night before  LVIII.

Jason, who is still weighing up his future in the NFL, is in Sin City with Kylie this weekend to cheer on brother Travis and the  City Chiefs against the  at Allegiant Stadium.




The  veteran has certainly been enjoying himself on Super Bowl week as he lets his hair down in the offseason, attending  and U2 concerts, playing blackjack and recording a special episode of his and Travis’ New Heights podcast.

And on the eve of his brother’s fourth Super Bowl appearance, Jason was seen celebrating a big casino win alongside Kylie and friends at The Cosmopolitan hotel.

In footage captured by, the 36-year-old lets out a huge cheer after his gambling success and throws his arms out in celebration.

Jason Kelce appeared to hit the jackpot in Las Vegas after heading to the casino with wife Kylie

Jason and Kylie, who are in Vegas to support his brother Travis at Super Bowl LVIII, enjoyed a night of gambling on the eve of the game

The Philadelphia Eagles veteran was left overjoyed after what seemed to be a big victory

Kylie could also be seen cheering and laughing after her husband’s victory at the casino.

Earlier in the day, Kelce enjoyed a hilarious interaction with Adele after attending the singer’s concert in Vegas.

Adele is in the middle of doing a Vegas residency at Caesars Palace on the Strip and Jason went to one of her shows alongside his wife Kylie.

At one point, the British songstress took a poll of the crowd to see if they were there to support the Chiefs or the 49ers.



Video then captured one person, supposedly Kelce, shouting out ‘EAGLES!’ which generated a reaction from Adele.

‘What did you say?,’ she asked before commenting, ‘You sound drunk and like a football fan.’

Later in the evening, Kelce was seen beside Kylie singing along as the UK singer went through a rendition of ‘Someone Like You’.

Jason and Kylie will be at Allegiant Stadium to support Travis in his bid to claim a third Super Bowl ring on Sunday night.

Jason has been enjoying himself on Super Bowl week, attending concerts and playing blackjack in Vegas

He also shared a hilarious exchange with Adele at the British singer’s concert this week

His brother Travis will contest his fourth Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs tonight

They will also be joined in a VIP suite at the venue by Travis’ girlfriend Taylor Swift, who is on the verge of completing a 5,500-mile trip to Sin City from Tokyo.

Swift and Kelce’s families will be sharing a Super Bowl suite this Sunday, a new report has confirmed, after the Kansas City star shelled out ‘well over $1million’ to reserve the seats.

Kelce ‘ to make sure his family and friends could watch the game.

And according to TMZ, he has made good on that promise with Taylor’s parents Andrea and Scott, his brother Austin and his girlfriend  set to sit with Travis’ parents Donna and Ed, brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie.

Taylor is expected to be at the game as well, though it is unclear whether she’ll be in the suite that Kelce paid for or if she’ll be sitting separately with friends.

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