Beyond Paradise will air its final episode of the series tonight as both Humphrey Goodman and Martha Lloyd have a big decision to make ahead of their wedding and an exit looms for one loved character

Beyond Paradise have given a first look at the series finale – as Humphrey makes a big decision.

As the finale looms, fans can get an insight of what might happen in the upcoming episode as Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) are set to tie the knot. Fresh from her own break-up, Anne Lloyd is adamant she needs to help with the wedding and is putting all her energy into trying to make sure her daughter has the best day.

In a new clip shared exclusively with Mirror Online, Margot, Esther and Kelby gather to look at the Station Review which they’ve submitted to head office. As they discuss what might happen to the station, there are real fears that they could all find themselves sacked or deployed elsewhere if the local police station in Shipton Abbott is to close.

The group also tease Kelby about his crush on the Chief Superintendent, whilst elsewhere Humphrey is planning to marry Martha – but with a crime being committed, will that make things difficult for the pair to wed?

Speaking about the real fears for the Shipton Abbott station remaining open, Kris – who plays Humphrey – said: “As a small fishing village police station house, they are under the same constraints as many other branches where people feel the world has moved on and everything can be done via computer and CCTV.

The team discuss their station review (
“So they’re under those pressures, which I find amazing because they have a 100% success rate when it comes to solving crimes! But CSI Woods is a strong, incredibly driven character which is why she is Humphrey’s boss and the head of the whole division. There’s a ruthlessness to her that poses a challenge to the quirky little station house.”

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He added: “It’s a David and Goliath story, which everyone loves and, in this case, David’s an extremely efficient station house that has its own unique way of working. So, let’s hope they survive otherwise we won’t have another series!”

Zahra Ahmadi – who plays DS Esther Williams – has been a key part of the show, where we’ve seen her mother daughter relationship.

“I think Esther’s very by-the-book, she really believes in the rule of law because she’s a part of the community she polices, and that community is quite small. So, there is never more than six degrees of separation between her and them,” she said.

“She does have a level of empathy and sympathy through personally knowing the community she’s policing. Though Esther does have that maternal, caring instinct, it can sometimes be clouded with ‘no, this is what the law says’, but I hope there is some balance.”