Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift to make big announcement on Feb 14

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who are fully enjoying their new relationship and getting closer with every passing day, may make big announcement on lovers’ day.

The singing sensation and American footballer’s relationship took a new turn when they made their love public while dancing at a new year party, locking lips to let their hearts talk.

The “You Are Losing Me” hitmaker and American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce’s relationship is “getting more serious,” a source has claimed.

“Swift and Travis are very cute together. The singer’s father sees the athlete as gentleman. The pop superstar also finds him very caring and loving. She likes his vibe. He is very chill,” the source has claimed.

“On the other hand, Travis also enjoys Swifts company and hangs out with her family and friend. It’s more of a relationship now,” the source added.

They continued: “Swift and Travis will make big announcement about their future together on International Children’s Day, June 1st”