“As her man it’s my responsibɪlity to make sure ᴛaylor is ᴄomfortable” Travɪs reveals

Travis Kelce is known for being a gentleman, and his relationship with Taylor Swift has brought out the best in him. In the most recent episode of his podcast “New Heights,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed how he keeps his famous girlfriend protected at all times.

In the “No Dumb Questions” section of the YouTube show that he co-hosts with his brother Jason, a user asked what apps they would keep on their cell phones if they could only have five.

After a brief talk full of laughter and comical moments, the brothers agreed to mention, rather, which applications they use the most in their daily lives.

A phone application is the key to the couple’s safety.

While Jason couldn’t do it due to his poor relationship with technology, Travis mentioned that his five most used apps are Spotify, ESPN, YouTube, Instagram, and a security app whose name he withheld.

The Chiefs star player explained that thanks to this software, he can control the doors and lights of his house, and in addition to other security functions, he has an emergency button to call the police with a single touch “and they will be there in just two seconds.”

Since his romance with Taylor began, the singer’s fans, also known as “Swifties,” have carefully observed Travis’ every action and saying, so they were the ones who highlighted this brief comment from the player and immediately related it to their idol.

The account holls ts (@tntayvis) in X, formerly Twitter, was the first to comment on this revelation: “Travis having a security app where with the touch of a button the police will be at his door… our girl is safe in KC,” and others responded immediately.

Another fan said, “He bought the mansion for Taylor’s safety, he went all out for her well-being in KC. Man is protective af.” “The fact that app is in his top 5 of his most used… this man is making sure she’s safe at all times,” someone else added.

One more even speculated, “That has to be for Taylor more so than him. He for sure is concerned for (her) safety more so than his own. Especially when she’s had death threats and stalker threats.”

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